Although we in Great Britain may not have the whitest winters in the world, the atmospheric changes are no picnic. Despite the relative lack of snow, the UK often bears the brunt of the Atlantic Ocean windchills and the gusts that cross the channel from Northern Europe. Thus the winters are deceptive because although there isn’t always an indication of cold, you can certainly feel it. On top of this, rain continues throughout the final months of the year, and almost every morning, the roads, pavements and garden are frozen stiff. It’s cloudy during the day, so the temperature remains at rather chilly levels, whilst at night the clouds vanish, and the stars allow frost and ice to build up. This is what your home goes through every single hour during the winter. It’s very important then, to make sure you’re prepared for such sudden shifts in temperature by fixing or updating any parts of your home that need it.

Woollen curtains 

As the cold seeps into your house, the last thing you want is the places you go to in the home for comfort, to be anything but. Your curtains can be used to shield the rooms from the cold that is on the outside trying to get in through the little gaps in the windowsills. You can open up the stitching of your curtains, and stuff cotton balls or perhaps wool into them. Then flatten the stuffing out and spread it evenly, as well as finally closing up the entrance to the curtain. However, if you’re not a sewing whiz, then you can just buy extra thick woollen curtains that are purposefully designed for the colder months. Cotton is cheap, however, not as insulating as wool. What you must also consider is the extra weight that is being put on the curtain rail. Wool will need stronger curtain rings and possibly more wall support for the beam.

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Airtight cohesion

Heat escaping your home is just as big a problem if not bigger, than cold being allowed to enter. Even if your home has the correct insulation, which is both in the attic on the floors, and on the walls in the form of foam pellets, your home can still have heat regularly escaping. Older homes especially never went through the modern updates, but even newer homes have poor standards of double glazing. Often times, when the homes are built, they are in high demand and so generic and rather budget forms of window quality are used. You can buy high-quality double glazing for your home, which is done by professionals who make sure, the sealant is waterproof, and the vacuum in the windows is strong. As winter draws closer, the colder weather will contract the structure, which behaves like pinching. This means small cracks will become larger if you don’t address the problem sooner rather than later.

Get boiler pipes cleaned

The boiler is the machine in every home that controls the central heating. This is done so by pumping hot water through the pipes that run through the walls and floors, to various radiators throughout the home. Over time, the pipes of central heating system, get filled with gunk and slime that is deposited by the water that flows within the pipes. This water enters into the pipes and boiler, just like all water that enters the home, i.e. via the underground pipes. By calling in experts to clear the boiler pipes, the water will flow freely around your home, allow the water to heat up quicker. This can really help during the winter, by allowing heat to circle around your home and help to thaw ice from the door and windows.

Clear the gutters

It rains more during the fall and during winter than other seasons. The issue with this is that during the night the water will freeze on your roof. When the temperatures slightly raise above freezing point, the ice will turn to water and rolls slowly down into the drainage pipes. However, during the fall, leaves and bits of mud get thrown into your gutters that block the water from draining itself off the roof. This can lead to the water spilling over and creating hazardous pools of water right in front of your front and or back door. Before the fall is completely over and the winter has begun, you should clear your gutters entirely. You can do this by yourself by climbing up on your roof with a ladder, or if you’re not confident or have the skills to do so, you may easily rely on roofing experts to do so for you.

If you take the time to prepare your home for the winter during the tail end of fall, you can prevent damage from the cold setting in. A cheap fix to heat loss issues are thicker curtains but clear your boiler pipes, and the gutters are also just as effective.

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preparing your home for winter. adding thicker curtains, servicing your boiler, clear gutters and fill gaps



  1. Can not believe we’re in this season already! Some great tips – I have never cleaned my gutters out – I don’t dare check them now ha 🙂

    • haha!! It is one of those jobs that gets easily forgotten, but causes big problems if it gets blocked. I need to get up and check mine…well hubby!

    • It’s one of those jobs that gets forgotten about until something happens….we need to check oursnow!

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