When I was contacted by some lovely people at MoneySupermarket.com to join in with their Retail Royalty Challenge I jumped at the chance to help out a charity. They were offering bloggers the chance to have £30 to spend on their chosen charity, but it wasn’t as simple as just spending £30. The challenge was that I had to spend it very wisely and I had to try to get as many helpful items for my charity.  I had to be money savvy! This wasn’t too hard for me as I love finding bargains and getting the most from my money in my everyday life.

The challenge was on…………

First off I had to choose my charity that I would like to help out, that wasn’t hard as I have started to volunteer with the Hearing Dogs for the Deaf 


Hearing Dogs train up puppies from birth to help change a deaf persons life. The puppies live with a puppy socialiser (what I am doing) for around 12 months before going onto do the advance training. They then will be trained up to listen and alert the deaf person of sounds like the door bell, telephone, fire alarms and alarms. They can make someone feel confident enough to get out and about and bring a life lease of life for them. If this is something you feel you could do or volunteer with then contact them as they are looking for people to help.

I thought this was a great chance to give something to them whilst I am waiting for our puppy to arrive (3.5 weeks and counting!) I spoke to my puppy trainer at the puppy class and she gave me a list of things that they always use and get through so much of.

  • Dog treats
  • Dog poo bags
  • Dog toys

She was over the moon I was doing this challenge for them and couldn’t wait to see what goodies arrived!

I had a browse around MoneySupermarket.com for ideas of places to contact. I wanted to see if any companies were willing to donate to my challenge to help support the Hearing Dogs. I thought if I was able to get items for free without spending my £30 straight away I would hopefully be able to get lots of items and still have my £30 to spend on items! So I gathered some companies from the shopping section of MoneySupermarket.com  their website is really easy to use and had a good selection of companies to contact. MoneySupermarket.com loves saving you money and has many good features to help you do just that! I also found a list of brand names for dog treats on the internet so contacted all the manufactures of the dog treats and poo bag companies, I didn’t realise there was so many out there!!

First to contact me back was a lovely lady from Company of Animals and a couple days later a large packet of coachies puppy training treats arrived at my house! Thank you very much to Company of Animals for their donation

Also by surprise I received a large Bonio rubber dog toy which was donated by Purina – Thank you to Purina a lucky dog will have lots of chewing time on this one!

Next I was to hear from a lovely lady at Fish4dogs who said she would love to help us by donating some treats and dog food…….I awaited my delivery from them and I was completely blown over by how much they sent us. I was so pleased and excited!! Thank you very much Fish4dogs. We received x100 Sea Jerky Tiddlers treats and a box of 25 sample packets complete puppy food

Next I was to hear from another lovely lady Harrington’s who said she would love to help by donating x1 large 10kg bag of dog food and a box of dog treats. I was just so pleased as the large bag of puppy complete food would provide x50 200g to use as dog treats and then the x9 bags of puppy training treats! Thank you so much Harrington’s

So all of the above items were donated, at this point I still had not spent my £30, I had 186 items already! I was over the moon with this and the above companies are fabulous! Thank you

So I thought it was time I spent my £30 so off to the shops I went, I chose a shopping centre that I knew had the cheaper stores, like Wilkosons, Poundshop and 99p stores. Also I knew where I was able to park for free too!! Money saving tip!! I took a look around them all to see what they had to offer and what prices they were selling at first before I decided where to purchase the items from.

What I purchased from Wikosons was x4 packets of 50 dog chews, so I got 200 dog chews. I chose the flat style chews as the twisted ones were 52p more expensive for the same amount.

I went back into the 99p store to spend the rest of my money as they had a really large range of dog items, the Poundshop was £1 rather than 99p so save 1p on things and the quality of the dog toys were much better. There was no point on getting cheap plastic dog toys as they just chew them up within 5 minutes!

The Pedigree boxes of treats were also 44-70p cheaper in the 99p store than they were in the Wilkoson, the Wikosons brand of dog treats were cheaper but you got less in the packets so worked out cheaper to go to the 99p store. So with £19 left I spent it on 20 items, I added 80p to the total as they were 99p I didn’t want to have money left over!

I am really pleased with 24 items but the poo bag boxes had 200 in each = 600 and the dog chews had 50 in each packet = 200

Overall I am so pleased with my total and I think when I turn up with all my items at the puppy class the puppy trainer is going to be over the moon. It feels really nice to be able to give something to them and I will be able to watch lots of happy wagging tails when they want their yummy treats!! Especially those fish skin treats from Fish4dogs!!!!

 209 is my total but this doesn’t include the 600 poo bags and 200 dog chews! Let along all the biscuits and dog treats in each packet! I have roughly totalled up what this all would cost to purchase and it would have been around £100! ALL for £30!!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be able to do this for my chosen charity, you have made a difference. Although I was given £30 to spend I was able to spend this on what I wanted, all the companies have donated items to help and in return for a little advertising but all words are of my own. If you want to see more challenges and how well other bloggers have done search on twitter #RetailRoyaltyChallenge



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