I dream of being able to take my children travelling more, showing them lots of places and hopefully giving them the travel bug. However it’s not cheap, there is so many things to pay for once you get to the destinations but you have to get there first! 

So I have put together some ideas on saving money when traveling with kids to help, and every extra bit of money saved is a bonus and possibly an extra ice cream!! 

Compare Prices 

This is a must. I have been so surprised when I have sat down and spent a little bit of time comparing prices. Use comparison sites to check, visit websites direct, call up travel operators and visit the travel agent. They all have their own discounts and products so you might be surprised on the difference. 

Be Flexible

I know that isn’t always easy, but try to be flexible with your timings, days and places you can travel from. It made a big difference to the costs when we last flew by changing airports to Stansted and not Gatwick or Heathrow.   

Different Airports 

I noticed a big difference on price when you flew out from one airport and flew back into a different one. This is great if you’re using public transport for your airport transfers as it doesn’t matter which airport. Not good when you’re driving to the airport though!

Airport Transport 

Think about how you are going to get to the airport. Driving will cost petrol and parking charges. However you could use public transport and let someone else do the driving for you by checking out National Express travel offers on Groupon to pick up a deal. 

Check Passports 

Check passport dates as soon as you can to make sure they are in date, the last thing you want to do is end up spending out on urgent passport renewals! 

Savvy Packing 

Pack light as possible, small toiletries and lightweight clothing. You don’t want to be charged extra for suitcase weight. 

Destination Choice 

Think about your destination, pick somewhere that isn’t as touristy to keep the costs down. Also look at the countries who have different school holidays to ours. 

Hotel Facilities  

Look at the things you can do whilst you’re on holiday. If the destination doesn’t have many places to visit with the kids, does the hotel have a pool? Activities to do? What do you do when it rains? 

Car Parking Charges 

Watch out for car parking charges. Hotels can charge for parking on site and the places you visit during the day. 

Advance Booking 

We hesitated when booking our flights last time and thought we would get some more things sorted and then when we came to booking them the prices had really increased. So book in advance!

Self Catering 

Think about self catering, being able to supply all your food works out so much cheaper. Kids love picnics so go off out on an adventure and find a perfect picnic spot. But make sure before booking there is a shop near by to pick up items. 

Tourist Cards 

Consider tourist cards when visiting places. When we visited Copenhagen we purchased Copenhagen cards which gave us lots of entry into attractions, free travel around the City and discounts on restaurants. 

Spending Money 

Give the kids a spending money budget for the week or each day. This way they can learn to budget, buy just what they want and when it’s gone it’s gone! 

Pre-Purchase Tickets 

Look online for pre-purchasing tickets for attractions you’re going to visit. They usually offer discounts on tickets 

I hope some of these were helpful for you and it now means you might have a few more pennies for an extra ice cream! 

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  1. Fab tips. Defo looking at different airports can change the price a lot. We opted to fly from Manchester once and it was nearly £600 cheaper so even with an overnight hotel, petrol and parking it saved us hundreds

  2. Some great tips on saving money as it can be very expensive travelling with children. I like your idea of giving the kids a spending money budget as it helps them learn how to manage their money.

  3. Great tips here. We have 4 children so always looking for saving tips. We are saving to go abroad next so some of these tips will come in handy 🙂

    • Oh have a lovely time, it’s very pricey when you start adding more children into doesn’t it!

  4. I definitely need to start using sky scanner as have to admit I never have before!! Great tip with the spending money saves it all adding up through the day.

  5. They’re great tips. I always use Skyscanner to check who flies to our destination and the times. But I then book through the airline as you can easily add checked baggage and allocate seats. This doesn’t always happen when you go through Skyscanner. We also book AirBnB’s so we have home comforts and a kitchen/washing machine. Often it’s worked out cheaper or equal to hotels.

  6. What a great guide. It’s so expensive just traveling as a couple, I can’t imagine how expensive it must be with kids, any little saving helps!

    Katie xoxo

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