I wrote a little while ago about wanting to bring in more houseplants into my home and with spring on the way I have started to add some. Although I am only starting tiny so I don’t kill them all off! 

Wayfair challenged me to create something new from their plant pots and planter category. I needed to come up with something new using their plant pots. Making it unique to me. 

So I decided my office noticeboard needed some new plants added to it! I spotted these very cute little pots. They maybe small but they come in a large range of colours to pick from so you can tie this in with your colour scheme easily. My office noticeboard is white and gold, so yes these would have worked just staying white…..but to be honest every opportunity to add a bit of gold to my office and I jump at it! 

If you have noticed they have a small magnetic square on them. This is perfect for attaching to anything metal. Easy if you have a metal noticeboard, fridge or shelving. However my noticeboard is made from wood. So I purchased a small metal disc for each plant pot, it’s about a size of a 5p size.

Then you need to superglue it to the noticeboard or surface you want the plant pot on. Leave this to dry before attaching the plant pot onto it. 

This PlastiKote gold leaf spray paint is perfect for little jobs like this. I sprayed my black mirror with this gold spray paint and it is still looking fab. So I knew it would work well for these little plant pots too. 

I wanted to create a gold bottom and slightly gold around the bottom edges. This meant that when they’re on my noticeboard I can see the gold bottoms!

Wrap around a piece of tape around the top, covering over the top section of the pots and the insides. This leaves the bottom and a small section around each side exposed. Turn them upside down and spay all around. 

Once dried, carefully remove the tape and you will be left with your gold section and ready to fill with your chosen plant! 

I picked little cacti that I found in a pack of 3 from my local garden centre. They were just the right size. I would recommend taking your little pots to the garden centre with you to make sure you don’t get a plant too big.

Cacti don’t need too much attention or water, so will fit perfectly in my house! Also as there isn’t any drainage holes in these plant pots you don’t want a plant that needs a lot of water. You only need to add a small amount when needed and not soaking the roots. 

They fit perfectly on my noticeboard and I am really pleased I added the little section of gold. I think it brings them to life. 

The magnet is really strong so I’m not worried they are going to fall off either! 

You don’t have to just stick with a plant pot staying the same as you purchased it! I hope you like my DIY gold and white plant pot, I would love to hear about what is your favourite plant in your home? 

*I am taking part in the Wayfair Home Experts campaign. All options and words are honest and of my own.   

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  1. Oh I love this its so so cute I adore your desk area, I cant wait to move home and get an office so I can have a workspace just how I want it x

    • Ah thank you, it has changed the way I work so much as well. Much more productive than I was sat on the sofa on my laptop!

  2. These are such a good idea. I love how they look on your noticeboard and would never have thought to do that.

  3. Ah, this is amazing! I love little plants in my room, and they give off the best feel-good vibes! I’m obsessed with cactuses at the moment!!!

  4. These little pots look fab on your noticeboard – the little pops of green really complement the white and gold!

  5. This is fabulous Steph! I’ve got some plant-pots that are very similar, which I bought. It’s lovely to see that the same effect can be achieved by some clever DIY!! Your notice board is looking fab lovely!! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up to #HomeEtc

  6. What a clever idea! I LOVE your noticeboard and adding the little pots really finishes it off. I wonder if I could get away with some dinky pots with cactus in them on my desk at work.

    • Oh I reckon they might let you, it’s healthy to have plants near you!!!! Thank you

  7. Those are super cute pots are perfect for your notice board. I’m not amazing with plants, I think I overwater and drown them! Got some new ones on the go so we’ll see

  8. What a lovely idea! We’d love to have more plants indoors and its good that they are cactus as less chance of us killing them. We’re not good with indoor plants (or outdoors for that matter). ;)x

    • I am trying hard with my outdoors ones….keep your fingers crossed for these!!

    • Oh yes do give it a go, scary at first but this stuff covers so easily as well. It’s a really quick way to transform things

  9. I love the idea of adding the plants to the wall decor, and these are super cute too. I think you’ve come up with a cracking idea here

  10. Hazel Newhouse Reply

    These look amazing! As a gardener, my house is full of plants! My favourite has to be my Swiss Cheese plant (Monstera Deliciosa). I spent so long trying to source the right one! My windowsills are full of seedlings at the moment, waiting to be planted out. x

    • Ah that’s lovely, I am hoping to bring some more into the house. Just got to keep them alive!

  11. Aww what a great idea. They look lovely. I love a bit of gold in the room. You have given me a fab idea too now 🙂

  12. Ah these are so cute. I’ve totally run out of shelf and surface space for more plants but I could definitely fit a few more on the walls if I had tiny little pots like these. They would be perfect for airplants too which are my new obsession.

    • Oh I haven’t heard of airplants before….. I’m off to find out more!!

  13. I love that idea of sprucing up am area with those little pots. And I’d go for cacti myself. I’m dreadful at looking after plants but have been buying more since moving to Portugal. We’ll see if they survive the summer with me!

  14. I love what you’ve done with the little plantpots, so simple yet striking. I would definitely be doing mine in pink and gold. It sounds super easy to do and I really like that the magnet is strong enough so you know it won’t fall.

  15. These are so cute, I love them!! What you have done with them really suits your own style too. They are gorgeous and a great way to bring little pots of plant life into the house 🙂

  16. I am loving your notice board and what a fab addition these are and it looks like a really easy project which makes all the difference to the aesthetic of the board and room.

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