We now have official plans for our new extension! The last update I posted was to say that were planning it and all my ideas, but now I have it down on proper paper and not just drawn by me!

Before Outside 

Here is our house as it is, with a garage to the side 

After Outside 

Here is our house with a new extension. Which is all out to one side where the garage was and the new part pushed slightly out backwards. 

Before Inside 

Here is our house from the inside how it is currently. 

After Inside 

This is the exciting one! Here is the floor plan of the new extension layout, look how much room we will have, it really hit home once I could compare the floor plans! 

The internal layout of the utility room, kitchen layout and what’s going in the old dining room will be different once we have proper room sizes and have figured out where things can go properly. BUT that’s our new semi-detached house extension

So What’s Going To Happen Now?

Well, now we wait! The plans need to be submitted to the council for planning permission to be approved, so now I need you to keep your fingers and toes crossed for me! As soon as we get approval I will let you know! 

Any Tips For Finding Builders? 

I want to try to contact and meet a few builders whilst I am waiting. I thought I could meet them and see how they work regarding quotes for work, their timescale and availabilities etc. That way once I have approval from the council I can then just crack on with getting the builders booked in ready to start! 

It’s such a big decision though isn’t it which builder to go for, I am going to contact recommended ones from friends and family first and see how we get on with those. But any tips would be fantastic. 

So keep those fingers and toes crossed for approval for us PLEASE! 

The Renovation Diaries

  1. We’re getting an extension
  2. The plans are ready 




  1. Melanie williams Reply

    Oh how exciting and looks like you are making so much progress. Renovating can be super stressful, but you look pretty organised to me xx

  2. How exciting!!! I’d love to get an extension! Fingers crossed everything gets approved fast 🙂

  3. Oh this is so exciting! I’d love to own my own home, one of the things I am most looking forward is the ability to make it 100% yours. I’m looking forward to seeing the progress.

    • Yes that’s the lovely thing about your own home, I hope you can own your home one day

  4. Oh wow this is so exciting and I am totally jealous! We are desperate need of sorting our house out and would love an extension. I can’t wait to watch yours progress and maybe I’ll be stealing some ideas from you x

  5. How exciting looks like you’re creating a lot more space. Good luck finding a builder, I think going with personal recommendations is a great start

  6. I am loving the new extension and the new garage will be big, how exciting. Good luck with the plans,

  7. Wow that’s so exciting it’s going to create so much space – good luck with getting everything approved Steph!

  8. Oh how exciting, I love the whole process of something new being built. I would say word of mouth, check in local Facebook groups to find recommended builders. People will be very honest.

  9. Its going to look amazing and there be so much more room for you and family to enjoy your home , i cannot wait to see your progress posts

  10. This looks so amazing and how excited you all must be. Just praying everything will go well with council. All the best.

  11. Oh my goodness this is so great and what a renovation you’re having. Posts like this are so my thing at the moment. Good luck

    • I will be putting lots of updates up as we go along, think it’s good for people to see what it’s like to go through the process!

  12. OHMYGOODNESS! Steph! What a change — it’s going to totally change the way you live!! So excited for you 🙂 We’ve just had our planning approved — now looking for builders!! The only top, so far, is to go with one that’s been recommended!! I’ll let you know how we get on! 😉

    • It’s going to give us so much more room isn’t it, very excited! I am really looking forward to seeing your changes, so glad your planning went through so well too. Sprinkle some luck this way please!

  13. This is so exciting! I love your existing patio too btw! We’re contemplating a small extension off our kitchen to create a conservatory type room to give us more living space and as that’ll eat up some of the garden I am hoping I might be allowed a new patio too! Best of luck with planning! x

    • I am so excited for it! Yes we didn’t want to lose all of the patio area, its such a nice space now and perfect for having a cuppa in with this sunshine.

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