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The Importance of the Detail in Interior Designs

The interior design in your house really helps to sell that personalised, ‘homely’ feel of the space. After a hard day’s work and toil, there are a few features that just make returning home at the end of the day more pleasurable.

Whether it’s a soothing and relaxing aesthetic or punchy and fun decorations, the details in your home are what makes you perfectly happy to stay! It’s character, and in many ways, it’s a reflection of yourself!

Consequently, here are a few, detailed additions you could add to your interior design to make your home feel extra special!

The Modern Twang

When going for a modern look, some say that it’s best to keep decorations simple in the home, partly to minimise how much work and cleaning one needs to do. Still, an empty home is a boring one, and you can still go for a modern effect without keeping things barren and deserted. You could install some smart features like thermostats and speakers to really elevate the place technologically, for example.

Additionally, white walls work well for a modern home, but there’s not much detail there. Instead, if you want more elaborate walls, pick up some brick wall wallpaper instead. After all, exposed brick is very trendy in swanky flats, so you can try and syphon in some of that energy into your own place too!

Natural Stuff!

Sometimes, a natural look is desired. This can involve having wooden furniture and floorboards to really sell that effect. If you want to add further details to this kind of layout, you could also place potted plants around the home too. They’ll circulate oxygen around the space better, add a flash of colour, and really help you pull off that outdoorsy look for your home.

Additionally, you could purchase some luxury products from Neom Organics, helping you de-stress with every whiff of a scented candle or essential oil. It adds another dimension to your home beyond the visual. Their fragrances are 100% natural providing a nice detail that really enhances how much you can enjoy the product.

Framed Pictures

Nothing screams ‘homely detail’ like framed pictures. They show every visitor who you are and what you’re about, as well as which things are most valuable to you. It’s your past and present all rolled up into a few perfectly captured moments, as well as a path of sorts that details how you got to where you are today.

These can include family photographs, paintings off some of your favourite scenery or much-loved places, and even academic achievements too. If you have a degree, whether it’s undergraduate or postgraduate, frame it and stick it on the desk of your study. All these things represent great swathes of your character, and they’re an essential kind of detail that will forever make your home feel extra special!

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