It’s has nearly been a year since the carrier bag charges came in, so who has got use to them? Or who else forgets to take a bag with you?!

We have got use to doing our supermarket shop without them, and always keep our Trolley Bags in the boot ready to pick up and use. So after a year of use, they are still going strong, no damage, no splits and we love using them.


So when Trolley Bags got back in touch with me and wanted me to review the Trolley Bags Express Cool Bag, I thought it was a great addition to our Trolley Bags.


The Trolley Bags Express Cool Bag fits perfectly inside bag 2, and is an insulated cool bag. This means I could pop all my fridge/freezer items in this bag and keep it cooler for longer.


If your doing the shop and scan around the supermarket, you won’t even have to take everything out at the checkout. Makes things much quicker and easier too.

trolley-bags-express-cool-2 trolley-bags-express-cool-3

The Trolley Bags Express Cool Bag can also fold up small, to store and unfold when your ready to use it. With a handy handle to lift in and out.

They are priced at £7.99 for just the express cool bag, and then the additional price of the Trolley Bags on top if you don’t already have them. I think it is a good price, as you won’t need to purchase carrier bags again, and now you can keep the food cool too.

*We were sent the Trolley Bag Express Cool Bag, however all opinions and words are honest and of my own






  1. I keep seeing these trolley bags and think that they look so handy. Must get organised and buy some! I’ve mostly got used to the bag charge but I do still sometimes get caught out and forget, I don’t feel too bad though as the 5p goes to charity.

  2. I’ve just reviewed the trolley bags and they’re great aren’t they? I can see how the cool bag would be a great addition.

  3. They’re such a clever idea, especially with the cool bag attached to it. The ones you get at the supermarket are rubbish…

  4. You have just reminded me about! I saw them a while ago and thought what an amazing idea it was and then forgot so thank you. I am going to order one 🙂

  5. Ooo! I’ve seen these, they look so good. I will have to get myself one, although I always forget my bags so would probably forget this too and have to buy carrier bags x

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