Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Saturday 21st January 2016 

I am having to take some new tablets to see if it helps with my arthritis pains, so I took my first one on the Friday night. They made me really sleepy, and when I woke I had a really bad headache. So we started the day rather slowly, but that’s what weekends are for hey?!

Gus is a very clever puppy, and since he had some treats direct from a packet, he now thinks that every packet has a treat for him in! He sits beautifully waiting for one, although this time I am afraid Starburst sweets are not a great treat for you to have Gus!

I picked up these Daffodils from M&S this week, they look lovely on my fireplace. So nice to have that shot of yellow in the house again.

I popped out with my friend this afternoon, so I left Daddy in charge! The kids love cooking with him, and they made lunch…..

and some tasty flapjacks!

I love seeing what the girls create things on Minecraft, they are currently building a huge roller coaster. Yes you are right, they are still in the PJ’s!!

All snuggled up in our bed to watch The Voice, they all love this program, even more now we have The Voice game to play it ourselves!

Sunday 22nd January 2016 

After getting all the boring jobs done, and homework finished, we had a lovely walk at Ashely Walk in The New Forest today. We didn’t get very far, and only reached the top of that hill in the distance. However we were out for 2 hours, the water had frozen so they spent the whole time playing in the ice.

Lily was trying to photobomb Tylers picture!!

At the bottom of the hill was a lovely little stream, this would be nice in the summer if it doesn’t dry up.

Gus taking in the view, well the view of the New Forest ponies! 

Lilys favorite pony is white ones, this comes from when she rode one when we went to Center Parcs. So she was so happy to see one.

Gus is such a big baby, if I dare to walk away from him he will sit there and stare at me until I come back. Whining and whimpering…hes even sat here with his Dad who he loves very much, but if I not by his side he lets everyone know about it!

Naughty Dad, pretending to throw Tyler in!!!

It was a lovely day, and so nice to go and explore somewhere new,  we will be doing a lot of this over this year.


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