Since travelling abroad this summer for the first time with my kids, it has made me realise how much research it involves when you are choosing a holiday abroad with your kids. Gone are the days when you can just book a hotel, plane journey and then wing it when your there!

You need to plan like crazy! We are trying to decide what to do next summer. We had a lovely summer holiday with the kids this year, we visited my friend in Sweden for a few days, which was so nice. It was a beautiful area of Sweden, countryside, away from hustle and bustle of life, and very relaxing.  We then went onto Copenhagen in Denmark. It was great fun, and we saw so much and made some lovely memories. However all the travelling around was very tiring, and my kids found the city life quite daunting at times. 

So we are trying to think of a good holiday abroad with the kids next year, that involves something for everyone. Relaxing, fun, with new places to explore and not lots of travelling. Any ideas?! 

So I took to the blogging community, and asked them the question 

What Do You Need To Think About When Choosing A Holiday Abroad With Kids?

I got some amazing answers, and I think they will really help everyone when they are thinking about choosing a holiday aboard with kids. 


If there’s enough for the kids to do on site. My kids love kids clubs etc and it saves a fortune being able to stay close instead of having to drive out everyday to find activities to do. Beth from Twinderlmo 

We always look for somewhere with a non water play area and kids entertainment in the evening. Ayse from Arepops

This summer we looked for a hotel with a kids club! Also child friendly pools and restaurants. Good places to visit like water parks, zoos etc are also a good idea to research! Sarah from Digital Motherhood  

Water slides is a necessity for us! My 6 year old is a water baby and finds water slides the most fun things ever, so I when I look for a holiday I have to make sure that they have slides. We went on holiday a couple of months ago and she spent the whole time on in the pool! Francesca from Francesca and the Feisty One   

Places To Visit Nearby 

I like choosing a place with interesting daytrips nearby – I try to link our holidays to what Lily is interested in too (for example she’s learning about ancient Greece next year so thinking of going to Greece!) Other than that we try to go self catering to save money and stress as she’s a picky eater! Alex from Better Together Home

For us it’s not just about the hotel resort, but where it is. Is it close to the local town? Easy to get to some more touristy sites and go exploring? Easy access to places so we can really take advantage of being somewhere new and making the most of our holiday. Sophia from Tattooed Tealady

We try to choose locations where our kids can benefit socially and culturally. If we go abroad we look for opportunities for them to learn about a new culture and perhaps practice a language they speak, or learn a few words from a new one. Chontelle from Bilingual Kidspot 

Researching Reviews  

It has to be clean!!! With nice food. I like to read LOTS of reviews & have word or mouth from friends/family.
I couldn’t think of anything worse than jetting away with my two and it being grubby. Simone from Married To A Geek

Kids pool, play ground, evening entertainment, not too far from the airport, daytime flights 
and good reviews from other families on TripAdvisor. Kelly from The Best Version Of Kelly 

Beach Nearby 

Toddlers love a good beach: from digging for hours to taking their first tentative steps into the sea, watching a young child on the first seaside holiday is a joy. I make sure that flights are relatively short and have amenities to be easy to access. I believe, toddlerhood is the time to play it safe – this is when the calm waters of the Med are essential. Elizabeth from The Homemakers Journal 


A bedroom! Whenever we stay in a hotel we can’t relax once Toddler H is trying to sleep, it works much better if she has her own room. Must haves also include a toddler pool, play park and if possible a soft play. Anything for an easier life!
Lynne New Mummy Blog  

A nice view from where you’re staying and decent outside area/balcony……once they are in bed you need to have more than 4 walls to look at! Jen from Just Average Jen

We prefer to go to resorts with family suites which have a bedroom (or two!) and lounge area within the suite, rather than hotel rooms. We’ve stayed in a family room before with all four of us in it and no one had a relaxing holiday – at least with a separate lounge we can watch a movie at night when the kids are in bed and in the morning they can watch TV if they wake up super early without everyone having to be awake! Emma from The Money Whisperer 


Flight times were a big thing for us, we wanted daytime flights that were not too long. Plus a short transfer time from airport. For this reason we have booked to go to Majorca. Lindsay from Newcastle Family Life

We look for free child places, a local supermarket so we can keep costs down on eating out, a short transfer from the airport to avoid restless children and childcare so we can have a break too! Hollie from Thrifty Mum 

Location and activities. I hate been miles away from the action and spending 4 hours on a coach transfer! Becky From Mommy and Rory

Disability Access 

Flight times are a big thing and also essential is good disability access as my son is disabled. So wheelchair access, lifts, warm swimming pool etc. Laura from Mum On A Mission


We try to pick somewhere that isn’t too hot, or at least try and travel in the cooler months! I know I don’t do well with lots of sun, so I wouldn’t want them to either. Emily from Emily and Indiana 

Food Facilities 

My children love an all you can eat buffet! They love choosing their own food and the excitement of trying different things. Plus all the desserts! Nikki from Yorkshire Wonders  

I always thoroughly research food options – we’re a huge foodie family and it’s our holiday too. I honestly can’t imagine going away and eating generic food. If there’s a local speciality, even better. Samantha from Mrs Mulled Wine

Good cocktail list – this mama needs to switch off! Emma From Emma and 3

Freedom To Do What We Want 

We look for independence. We want to be able to organise things ourselves and not be reliant on departure for trips or buffet style eating. It just doesn’t work for our kids. Ann from Rainbows Are Too Beautiful  

All Inclusive 

All inclusive , it works out so much cheaper to know your children can have as many drinks ice creams crisps as they want lol! And also a Swimming pool. Our girls love swimming and a water park when abroad is perfect as the girls are constantly getting that cooling down period. Kira from Unconventional Kira

Family Friendly Location 

A family friendly location. Need lots of activities for the kids in the local area, and ideally no nearby adult hotspots with lots of people getting drunk. Pete from Household Moneysaving  

After reading all these tips, I have spent far too many hours looking around Oliver’s Travels website for a family holiday! Gosh there are some amazing places. I am so tempted by a villa with a private pool, not too far from the airport so haven’t got a long transfer. Then somewhere interesting so that we could visit some local tourist spots to show my children a little bit more of the world around them.  

*Collaborative Post * Images credited to Oliver’s Travels 

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  1. We have yet to take the kids abroad on holiday. Great tips to remember when we do. We love adventures outdoors so that is a must for us as well as great on site kids entertainment. Never thought of checking food facilities, brilliant tips as we have a fussy child so will definitely research that when we look at booking a holiday abroad.

    • Thanks, some great tips isn’t there. Everyone learns so much from experience of travelling away. I will be taking all of these into account for our next holiday

  2. The London Mum Reply

    Great post. I love travelling with my kids so I usually follow most of these tips to make sure it’s stress free!

    • Yes lots of places to explore near by, I have ruled out so many due to nothing around to explore

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