A few weeks ago I featured the FURminator FURflex Pet Grooming Tool on my blog. Gus loves to shred his fur around my house and I have to vacuum so often to try to keep on top of it (usually failing!) Over the past weeks of using this tool I have seen a big reduction in fur being shred around the house, so this is a great tool for us. 

FURminator has just released a new range of dog grooming products, the FURminator FURflex range. It’s a grooming tool that has interchangeable heads. You can easily swap the heads from de-shedding tool, grooming brush or comb. So all your brushes in one.  

The biggest bonus to the FURflex range is that you can change the heads to suit each of your household pets in the house. From small to large dogs, and even being able to use it on cats. 

Please take a look at my full review to learn more about the FURminator FURflex range and see how much hair we got out of our dog Gus too!

Want To Win One? 

Then take a look at the competition below where you can be in with a chance of winning one FURminator FURflex pet grooming tool, worth Β£35 to Β£50 as you can have a choice of size that is suitable for your pet 

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  1. Amanda Botterill Reply

    I would use it on my cat, she is pretty old now and is struggling to groom herself

  2. Julie Camm Reply

    I’d use it on my old cat Poppy who’s 18 1/2 now and not looking after herself properly, she needs help with her fur and I’ve not tried this product which may well be the one that does the trick.

  3. I’d use it for my dog, Logan – he’s got very coarse fur and its hard to find a brush that can deal with it

  4. sandy ralph Reply

    i would use it for our cats but let my daughter borrow it too for her dogs

  5. natalee gosiewski Reply

    our beloved pooch roxy she is our kids best friend and major part of our family we re homed her about 5 years ago getting a dog was best thing kids have learned how to help take responsibility and also learned the importance to being kind and loving to pets

  6. Miss Tracy Hanson Reply

    My niece has 3 long-haired Chihauhaus – Pixie, Louie and Charlie. So would give her the lovely prize if I was lucky enough to win.

  7. joanne casey Reply

    My lovely dog Bonnie, she’s our gorgeous, mixed-breed rescue dog that we adopted about 8 years ago from Manchester Dogs home. I wrongly assumed at the time that she wouldn’t shed her hair because she has short hair, looks a bit a big sausage dog, how wrong was I!! She malts like crazy and the fur sort of builds up at the bottom of her back

  8. It’s suitable for both cats and dogs. I would use it for my Labradoodle Tabs, who at 9 months will need her first cut to remove soem of here little tangles.

  9. debbie davies Reply

    this would be very useful for our dog jasper who is constantly shedding fur everywhere!

  10. Victoria Prince Reply

    Dogs πŸ™‚ we have three and are very used to everything being covered in layers of hair!

  11. Rachel White Reply

    I’d use it on my basset hounds they love a good grooming !

  12. SUSAN L HALL Reply

    this is for a dog – a collie who likes to get knotted up!

  13. Angela Surgenor Reply

    I have a 7 year old rescue persian cat and this would be ideal

  14. Anthea Holloway Reply

    I shall be using it on my 2 granddogs, Harley and Rafa.

  15. Michelle Carlin Reply

    My Chorkie (Chihuahua/Yorkie Cross) – she has a very scruffy lookimng coat!

  16. Pam Champion Reply

    I’ll be using it on my cavapoodle doggy Pippa to tame her crazy curls!

  17. Sarah Kelly Reply

    I’d be using it on my tortoise shell cat, Dizzy. She’s only a small cat but from the amount of fur she sheds all year round you’d think I owned a lion!

  18. I will be using it for my adorable tabby kitten called Gem! Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  19. I will be using it for my adorable tabby kitten! Fingers crossed! πŸ™‚

  20. Pam Francis Gregory Reply

    My cat. She is a long haired Norwegian Forest and needs regular grooming.

  21. Peggy rossiter Reply

    My daughters new border collie dog who will be joining their family soon from a rescue centre

  22. Melissa Lee Reply

    I’d use this for my cat. He’s getting older and struggles to groom his back.

  23. Emma Walton Reply

    I have a dog and 8 cats so I will be using it on all of then (if I win of course)!

  24. Karen Usher Reply

    I have to hoover at least twice a day with my molting golden retriever!

  25. Katherine Teff Reply

    I would use this on my Labrador, Hector, who is a very hairy beastie….

  26. Hayley Atkins Reply

    I would use it on my dog who is a greyhound/saluki cross with very weird fluffy legs which get tangled up every day.

  27. Kellie Steed Reply

    I would give it to my Mom for her 3 dogs, that’s a whole lot of grooming!

  28. Christina Curtis Reply

    Would be perfect for our 9 Month Old Cocker Spaniel!

  29. Tiffeny Brown Reply

    If I was lucky enough to win I would spend it on my dog and cat πŸ™‚ x

  30. I would use it on my dog, he is a sibe and currently blowing his undercoat, hair everywhere

  31. My cat. She’s long haired and likes to leave her fur everywhere. I brush her but nothing comes out. She just likes to pull it out and leave it on the carpet x

  32. Amanda tanner Reply

    i would give it to my local animal rescue centre to use on the dogs.

  33. Fiona Johnstone Reply

    Mostly for my cat but I would use it on my dogs as well

  34. Sheena Batey Reply

    My daughter’s dog our cat is so timid we have to spend hours gaining her trust if we approached with this it would set us back years.

  35. Rebecca Parsons Reply

    I’d love one of these for our lovely – but very hairy – Lab, Molly ^_^

  36. Inga Andersen Reply

    I’d be using it for my two gorgeous moggies πŸ™‚

  37. LAURA MILTON Reply

    I would use it on my greyhound cross lab who we rescued just 3 weeks ago but i also have an old cat who loves to be pampered <3

  38. Nicki Ramsay Reply

    I have two very hairy dogs. This would come in very useful to keep their shedding under control

  39. I will use it on my cat as he has quite a long thick coat

  40. Anthony Harrington Reply

    I would use this on my 2 Border Collies and the cat

  41. Cherry Edwards Reply

    I will be getting a pre owned cat from the cat rescue this year and I would love a gadget like the FURminator to pamper my new moggie with.

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