When we have guests coming to our house, we strive to make a great first impression. We want them to see our home and be amazed by how beautiful it looks. Do we also want them to be a little bit jealous? Of course, we do!

Funnily enough, the one place in our house that plays the biggest role in providing a good first impression often gets neglected; the hallway. As soon as that front door opens, your hallways if the first thing guests lay their eyes on. As such, you need to know some decorating ideas to boost the appearance of yours.

Playful Patterns

The reason a lot of us neglect our hallway is that we almost forget it exists. It’s such a bland area of the home that we rarely spend a lot of time in, other than briefly walking through it. So, you can liven it up a bit by using playful patterns. One great idea is to lay down a lovely chic rug on floor of your home to brighten the place up. You can mimic the pattern with a mat by the stairs or door too. Don’t forget about the hallway light either, the lampshade can be covered in the matching pattern as well.

This will really add some life to your hallway and help make a good impression from the moment someone opens your door. They’ll be taken aback by the colourful patterns and immediately think your house is beautiful.

Tasteful Family Photo Collage

There’s always a debate over whether or not you should hang lots of family photos in your home. Personally, I think it’s great to show off family photos, but it all depends on where they are and the photo frames. I believe the hallway is a great place to hang a couple, and I also believe that photo collages are the best. Or, multiple photos in one frame. You can see some of the photo frames from Best4Frames have space for three or four small little pictures. These are great in the hall, particularly long ones that run horizontally, so they make use of the wide wall space you probably have. Make sure the frames look nice too, they should match the wall and the colours in your hall.

Family photo collages are great because they stop your walls looking too bare and they also make your house feel more personal. Guests get the impression they’re in a loving family home, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

Family wedding photo wall

I’ve added a family wedding wall in our hallway, with our wedding picture, then our parents, and grandparents all around us. 

Splash Some Colour On The Skirting Boards

I’ll keep my final idea brief as it’s incredibly simple. If you want to make your hallway more vibrant, you should add a splash of colour to the skirting boards. Give this otherwise dull feature a new lease of life, and it will illuminate the area.

A tiny little trick, but it won’t go unnoticed by your guests.

With these three hallway decorating ideas you’ll be wowing people as soon as they step through your door. Also, your home will feel a lot more lively too, a happy hallway really brings a home together.

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cosy hallways are welcoming for your first impression for your guests. Here are 3 ways on creating a great hallway



  1. Wow, I love these photos and this is absolutely a great idea, perfect to redecorate our hallway, Glad you share this with us

  2. Fab ideas! Our hallway is small but we recently laid new carpet and painted it white for a fresh look! Going to add some accessories now!

  3. Totally agree that hallways often get neglected. We’ve put effort into ours as well and have a nice splash of colour 🙂

  4. I need to redecorate my hallway. I love the photo ideas. I would love to create a nice collage 🙂

  5. Love the idea of putting colour on the skirting boards – we need to change our doors first

    • I would to change all the doors in the house, some lovey oak ones would be nice.

    • Great place to have them, lovely to look at as you are going up and down the stairs.

  6. Great tips. We need to declutter ours first mind. There’s usually loads of shoes all over the floor and stuff just piled on the shoe cabinet -it definitely doesn’t create the best first impression

    • Oh yes I have put some storage under the stairs for this, as we were always trip over shoes!

  7. I agree a photo collage is a great way of giving a lift to your hallway. I’ve never thought about adding colour to your skirting but I love that idea – fab tips!

  8. I like the idea of adding a patterned rug – such an affordable way of transforming the area!

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