Are you looking to save some money this winter? We have already given you some energy saving tips, but when it comes to heating costs, you may have already resigned yourself to a huge bill come the start of the new year. After all, you need to stay warm right? However, your boiler doesn’t need to be working overtime. There are ways to cut down your heating bill, and we have some tips for you right here.

Dress up warm

Summer is over, so it’s time to stop rocking your t-shirt and shorts, no matter how fashionable they are. Style doesn’t have to go out of the window just because the weather has taken a turn for the worse, and there are winter outfits that will keep you both warm and looking hot over the cold months. Wait until it’s really cold before you turn on that thermostat.

Accessorise your house

 Being the house proud person you are, no doubt you are always looking for ways to decorate and accessorise your home. Winter is the perfect time, and you could add flannel sheets on your bed, fur rugs on the floor, and insulated curtains around your windows. Tis the season to bling, so decorate your home to enhance the warmth, without having your heaters on 24/7.

Use alternative heating

 Don’t want a huge electric or gas bill? Then switch to other forms of heating. A coal or a log fire is perfect on a winter’s evening, and the fuel cost may be cheaper than the amount of gas or electric you tend to use. An infrared heater is also a nifty idea, being both an energy-efficient and economic way to heat your home. Then there’s free solar heating – the power of the sun – so open your curtains wide while the sun still shines and get heat from a natural source.

Don’t waste heat

 Don’t leave doors open when you are trying to heat a particular room. It’s unlikely you are going to thaw the ice and snow outside, so that includes your front door. You should also reverse your ceiling fans, so the heat doesn’t escape through the ceiling. Then, and this is the most important thing, you don’t need to heat your home when you’re not in it. If you are away for any long periods, be sure to switch off your thermostat. Alternatively, run the home on a low heat if you don’t want your house to freeze over when you’re gone, as this will also save you money on your heating bill.

Get an energy audit

Some utility companies will give you a house call, either for free or a small fee. They will let you know where you are wasting energy, including heat, and will give you tips on how you can save money around the house. And you thought utility companies were scheming robbers! Shame on you. On the other hand, if you feel you are paying too much for your heat and energy, shop around. Your utility company may be ripping you off after all, so head to a price comparison site to see if you can get a better deal.


So, there you have it. Five tips for cutting down your heating bill. When the postman next arrives at your door, you no longer have to fear the brown envelope he is clutching in his poor frostbitten hand. You might even invite him in for some mulled wine and hot chocolate and celebrate over the money you have saved.

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