My daughter S has suffered with allergies ever since she was born, it’s been eczema, milk intolerance, dog allergies, hay fever which then turns into asthma.

The poor little thing has really been through it, her identical twin has had the allergies but they have been manageable (apart from the milk intolerance) and never effected her to the same extent of her sister.

When NasalGuard were offering the chance to try out their new AllergieBLOCK gel I jumped at the chance to try it out on S. I wanted to try something that was free from all the drugs and nasty things.

It is a clear non greasy gel that you apply on the nostrils and it helps blocks out the allergens that affect you like, hay fever, pet dander and dust mites.

It is suitable for adults, children and pregnant women.

I think it would be a good when you are unable to or don’t want drugs to help your allergies.

It appealed to me for my daughter as it is drug free and handy to keep in my pocket when we were out. You to have to apply it morning, night, after a shower and if you face gets wet. This is the only issue I have with it for me and using it on a child is that they often need their face wiping or their wiping things around their mouth!

It has approx 150 applications in each tube and priced at £11.99 it would get expensive if you have to keep re-applying it.

I have noticed that it does help my daughter though, when playing outside in the garden she isn’t as reactive to the pollen and she isn’t sneezing as much.

It was good for when we went for our walk to Mottisfont and I was able to apply this to her nose as we were outside and playing in the buttercup field.

It is great for having to be able to add something extra to help her throughout the day.

Please see NasalGuard website for more information and to purchase



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