Who is looking to get more from life? I know we are. Over the past couple of years we have focused on spending more quality time with our little family, exploring new places, finding local areas to walk in, and enjoying those little moments. 

It really hit home when my eldest son started secondary school, I had this sudden realisation that children don’t stay small for very long, and soon he won’t want to be spending time with us and will be wanting to go out with his mates instead. It made me think that it is so easy to potter along getting jobs done, watching TV, on the computer and the dreaded homework! 

I wanted to spend quality time with them all, I wanted to show them places around them, and ones that were right on their doorstep, although there is a huge world out there that is just waiting for them to find.

Children love to be outside, school weeks are tough on them, they’re inside a lot, they’re being told to sit down and listen, then there is the working week routine, but come the weekend it’s lovely to break free from that. To get outside and to be able to talk to each other without too many distractions, or to have the enjoyment of finding a new place together. My children still talk about Ashley Heath walk, it’s only in The New Forest and it was a freezing day, the rain had frozen and there was ice puddles everywhere. 2 hours of free place, no rules just playing. 

Ashley Walk

Get Moore From Life isn’t just about being outside together, it is about time, moments, things you love in life or things you have purchased to make life just that little bit more special. 

So I wanted to create a linky that we could use to celebrate that. Celebrate those little moments in our lives that we think are special and we ‘Get Moore From Life’  from.  So a few questions answered for you, and then I hope you would love to join in with me at the bottom. 

Why The Name?

If you only know me as Steph, then my full name is Stephanie Moore. So to play on this, the linky is pulling from my surname and making it unique to us. I hope you like it as much as we do!! 

Get Moore From Life 

Who Are We? 

If you are new here then Thank You for joining us! My name is Stephanie (call me Steph) and I live with my husband Kev. We have been together 15 years and have 3 beautiful children. Tyler who is 13, and Lily and Sofia 8 who are identical twins. They’re our little surprises in life! We also have Gus the dog who is very much part of our life and is often out exploring places with us too.

I created a video of us all to show you a bit more of us, the people who know us say

It shows off everyones personalities perfectly

How and Where To Join In? 

I wanted to cover this over all channels, so feel free to link up in any way you would like.

  • Videos from YouTube
  • Old or New Blog Posts 
  • Over on Instagram use the hashtag #GetMooreFromLife to join in with pictures 

I am looking at running this monthly, so will be publishing the post on the 1st of every month, and it will close 3 weeks after that date. 

What Subjects Are Included?

I wanted this to be flexible for you and to be your own take on what YOU feel you Get Moore From Life from. 

  • Exploring with kids 
  • Exploring without kids 
  • Things you’ve purchased 
  • Moments in life 
  • Things within the home 
  • Family time 
  • Outdoor fun 

Basically ANYTHING you feel you have been able to Get Moore From Life from.


I want this to become a community, a place where people can enjoy other peoples moments and enjoy it together. So it would be great if you could join in and support each other too. You can do this by, 

  • Comment on minimum 2 other links in the linky
  • Tweet to say you have joined in, I will RT all of these with my followers. Make sure you include my twitter handle @RenovationBB & #GetMooreFromLife so I know you have tweeted. 
  • Add the #GetMooreFromLife badge to the bottom of your blog post so your readers can see and join in if they wish too 
  • Join in over on Instagram too by using the hashtag #GetMooreFromLife on any of your photos that you feel fit and following me on Instagram 
  • I will pick a featured blogger at the start of each month and feature their post they linked up with a link to their blog. 
  • This will run for 3 weeks and feel free to link up maximum 3 blog posts, but please do join in with more commenting too.  

Please feel free to sign up to my weekly newsletter to be reminded of when the linky goes live on my blog. 

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Please Come and Join In! 

This is running from today and will close on 24th December,  I will be then back on 1st January with my first featured post and the regular linky. 




  1. This sounds lovely. SO much to read through but I must try to remember this for future reference.

    • Yeah sorry I wanted to make sure I got what it was all about over! Each months one won’t be this full!! Thanks and hope you can join in

  2. This sounds like the perfect linky for me, I will be sure to link up as soon as I have something

  3. Sounds like a fantastic linky and i’ll have to bare it in mind for the next time we have an outing or get outside! which should hopefully be soon

    • Thank you, I am glad you like the idea! Looking forward to having you join in too

  4. Aw what a fantastic linky Steph I would love to join in I love your ideas behind it, it is lovely and exactly what we are all about. I hope to get out soon after baby is born for some lovely wintery walks and special time with my whole family. xx

    • Ah thank you very much, I love seeing everyones places they have explored together and memories made, so I look forward to seeing your posts too.

    • Thanks, really looking forward to reading your posts up when you link them too.

  5. A great idea. Our boys are all big now and time together is precious and becoming rarer. I love their chatter and their hugs and relish each and every one. Time whizzes so quickly. Your features will savour those moments xx

    • Ah thank you very much, I don’t want mine to grow up! Freeze time please!

  6. The London Mum Reply

    What a great idea… such a great way to get your kids involved in some great memory making, and making the most of them 🙂

    • Thank you, lovely to be able to get these memories written down in a blog too

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, fingers crossed lots of others link up too

    • Mine are most happiest when we are out exploring, thank you and I hope you can join in at some point too

  7. Ooh, I’ve never done a linky before. I’m going to swot up so I can join in.

    • Oh please do join in, I would love it if I was the first linky you have joined in with too! Any questions feel free to ask

    • Thank you, would love to have you on board so I look forward to seeing your post. Thanks!

  8. What a lovely idea to connect and bring people together. Love your family photo and Gus looks like a character! Cate

  9. I do love the idea of this linky. I’ll check my posts and see if I can add something but I’ll defo bare in mind for future posts. I’ve dunscribed to your blog too. I love the look and feel of it. Your family are gorgeous too. See you around. So glad I’ve discovered your blog.

    • Ah that’s so lovely, thank you very much it really is much appreciated. I look forward to reading your post

  10. Such a lovely idea Steph, it’s so important to get out and about and connect with the children, and you’re right they do spend so much time shackled to a desk and classroom. Good luck with the project, I’m sure it will be a huge success.

  11. Spending quality family time together is so important. I’m becoming so aware of this as my eldest daughter will start school next September so that will be the end of our weekday jaunts. It’s come round so quickly. This is a lovely idea and I hope it encourages people to savour those special moments Moore!

    • Yes I miss those days out together, but it’s so nice to have them in the holidays together instead. Thank you

  12. What a wonderful idea for a linky! Unfortunately they do not stay small for long so amazing memories are always cherished – the walk in the New Forest looks gorgeous – think I was about 7 when I last visited so need to make a trip down again at some point! Sim x

    • Thank you, they don’t stay small for long and it’s scary how quickly it goes. We love The New Forest, so peaceful

  13. Such a great idea for a linky. I really need to get out more instead of staying in trying to keep warm. Nothing beats wrapping up and getting out in the fresh air 🙂

  14. This is such a lovely link up idea, I’m coming to your party!! Good luck and it’s a fab hashtag 🙂 xxxx

    • Thank you very much! So excited to finally have one, been meaning to do this for ages. Fingers crossed and thanks for linking up

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