We’re very lucky that our house is not far off a South facing garden, it means we have sunshine in our garden all day. Although this means that in the heat of the summer it gets too hot in the garden and we struggle to sit out there unless we have some shade. 

Last year we renovated our garden and created a lovely sofa seating area directly outside the back of the house, it was lovely but we had no shade and found it too hot at times during the day. So I am now starting to think about how we can create some shade to make it work for us and our home. 

So here’s our sofa area that needs shading, as you can see it’s a large area to cover!

It’s also quite close to the house but no room for parasol stands behind it. 

You can see why it’s causing us a little trouble trying to come up with a perfect solution! 

Creating Shade In Our Garden 

Option 1 – A Cantilever Parasol 

  • These provide a large amount of shade as we’re looking at ones 3 metres wide. 
  • They can be moved 
  • They can be adjusted for different directions with the sun moving 
  • We can fit in on the patio alongside the sofa area 
  • But it’s in front of the sofa area, so not as neat looking 
  • Easy blown with the wind 
  • You need a very heavy and large base to keep from blowing away 
  • Mid-range price  

Option 2 – Sail Shade 

  • Looks cool!
  • We need a massive sail 
  • Provides a large area of shade 
  • Needs to attach to the house 
  • Can’t be moved with the direction of the sun 
  • Permanent 
  • Cheapest 

Option 3 – Gazebo 

  • Looks great 
  • Solid structure 
  • Permeant 
  • Provides a lot of shade 
  • Cannot change the direction of shade 
  • Sun comes from the front of the gazebo, so will it shade it enough when sitting 
  • Has to sit high above the door frames
  • Long lasting 
  • Expensive 

Option 4 – Fabric Awning 

  •  Can be folded in and out 
  • Doesn’t have to be in the way normally 
  • Fixed up high
  • Will it cover enough when seated 
  • Can be adjusted from front to back 
  • Doesn’t look as modern 
  • Can be expensive 

So what one would you choose?

I think a normal parasol looks like the easiest one to pick from these selections for its price and being able to move to find the best position with the sun. I am just going to have to make sure I purchase some very good weights to keep it from flying away! That’s why I love the look of a proper gazebo and not having to worry about the wind!

Picking any type of expensive product can be so tricky as you want to spend your money wisely. If you’re looking for some reviews of garden furniture and garden products, check out Garden Tool Box as they have lots of reviews to compare items. 

So now we need to get months and month of sunshine to make all this decision making worth it!!! 

*Photo credit to Go Modern – Parasol – Dobbies – Sail Shade – Garden House Design – Gazebo – Garden Furniture Centre – Last photo of furniture 




  1. We have the exact same problem with our decking Steph. Last year, it got so hot on some afternoons we couldn’t sit out there. Instead, we sat cowering in the shade of the shed, which felt pretty ridiculous. I’ve been weighing up the same prop and cons. For us, the huge parasol won’t work because it’s too big to store away in winter and where we live gets so incredibly windy that it would undoubtedly only last one season. So we are toying with the idea of a sail. I think that would be our best option by a long shot. I hope you manage to decide what to go for and I’ll be watching closely to see how it turns out!

    • Yes the sail does sound like a good option and you then can be flexible with where you can have placed and angled too. Thanks!

  2. Alexandra COok Reply

    What a perfect timing. I am actually planning to have a home renovation project and wanted to add a shaded garden. This post gives me so much idea.

  3. I love all the pros and cons – definitely makes it easier to compare! I have to say, I quite like the ‘sail’ idea and how it softens everything. That said, we had a gazebo at our old house and there’s something really lovely about the look – plus, you can train climbing plants over it to provide even more shade and it looks amazing 😉 Looking forward to seeing what you finally decide on! Also the garden is looking amazing!! What a fabulous space you’ve created xxx

    • Oh I loved your gazebo with all your plants climbing over it. Thank you very much, I do love it now it’s such a nice space to be in

  4. I love all of these ideas – especially the sail shade! We don’t have a garden currently but when we do (because we definitely will) I think I will definitely be looking into getting one of those!

    Shareen HD

    • I do love the idea of a sail as I think it’s really different and would look cool

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