After our house extension, my brain was exploding with things I had to think about, and we never got around to finishing off the splashback behind the cooker. I didn’t have a clue what to put behind there, what colour, what type of finish, what style and so I just didn’t bother! 

We left it bare like this for a few months and just keep looking around for ideas. 

Until we finally deceided on the Fired Earth Metallic Vitreum Rosa fan wall tiles, bringing in the pink from the chairs and warmed up the wall. 

I like to be a bit different and these Fired Earth Metallic Vitreum Rosa fan wall tiles really are different! As we have a blue kitchen and grey/white worktops it needed to be a bit warmer colour so it’s not too cold down that end. But the cooker is in a silver (previous cooker) so it needed to work with that too. I really liked the Fired Earth Metallic Vitreum in gold metallic but wasn’t sure they would work with the cooker. 

Installing The Fired Earth Metallic Vitreum Rosa Fan Wall Tiles 


Time to install the wall tiles behind the cooker, and we needed to plan the tiles out nicely to make sure they worked well and lined up well. 

They come in a square sheet to make it easier to install, we also added a batten to the bottom of the area that is being tiled. This allowed us to sit the last row of tiles on that you won’t see on top of this batten.

 This stops the whole lot from slipping down the wall until it dries, then you can remove this

You need to cover the area section by section with adhesive, then add your square of Fired Earth Metallic Vitreum fan wall tiles and move it around quickly to make sure your gaps between the tiles are even and look correct. You must work quickly with this before they really stick to the wall. 

We decided to carry the fan outside of the splashback line edge to give it a different look, rather than cutting them straight down, You can do this if you wish, you will just need to tile cutter off the edges before you add them to the adhesive. 

Grout The Fired Earth Metallic Vitreum Rosa Fan Wall Tiles 


Once you’ve allowed the tiles to dry, you can then grout in the gaps. I love grouting as the tiles just suddenly pop with detail and colour, they look so pretty. You can then seal the grout so it stays cleaner. 

Fired Earth Metallic Vitreum wall tiles are made from smooth glass with a metallic colour on the backing. So they’re really easy to keep clean, as you can just run the cloth over them and they clean off so well. 

Other Colour Options and Shapes 


They’re also available in a few different colours and shapes, take a look at the Fired Earth Metallic Vitreum Rosa website for ideas. The Fired Earth Metallic Vitreum Rosa Fan wall tiles are priced at £157.99sqm or £13.98 per sheet, which for this area and a full splashback it’s quite good value and gives a real impact to the whole room. 




    Oh wow, the wall tiles look sooooo pretty!!! It’s like a mermaid’s tail. It’s certainly different but it works.

    • ah I used to take the safer choices with my colours and interiors……not anymore!!!

  2. Karen Legge Reply

    Wow. The texture is amazing. I love the contrast of the colours you’ve chosen. Would make me want to cook more!

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