We’re currently planning our home extension so I am really having to think about how much light comes into the home. I love rooms with bright natural light so being able to find ways to let more light into your home is such an important factor when planning an extension. 

Five Ways To Let More Light Into Your Home

Adding More Windows 

This is obviously the first thing you can do that instantly lets more light into your home. Adding windows into rooms when your planning your extension is easy but just requires a bit more thought. Double glazing cost comes into how many you can add and how big they are. 

Adding Windows Into The Roof 

The roof blocks so much light out inside your home so if you can add a roof light may it be a velux, sky lights or roof lanterns you will instantly flood the room with light. We’re planning on having a velux window as big as we can in the new kitchen to add the light in. 

Change The Existing Glass 

When we moved into this home we found the windows had a film over them or the dark tinge was made into the glass to block out the sunshine. It made the house so much darker inside. So we purchased some replacement windows and straight away the house was much lighter. It wasn’t until they were out that we realised just how much sunshine they were blocking. 

Add A Conservatory 

Not only does adding a conservatory add another room to the house, but it adds a room that is full of light and so pleasant to be able to sit out in with a morning cup of tea! You can get them in so many different shapes and designs that suit your home. 

Removing Walls 

Of course, get this done by a professional but by removing walls it allows the light to pass all the way through the rooms. I can’t wait to knock the wall down between my kitchen and dining room as it’s going to make it feel so much bigger and lighter too.  

I hope this has given you some ways to let more light into your home. 


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