A connection to nature is a vital aspect of any healthy and happy home, and one of the best ways to do this is to bring the outside in and use plants in your decor. Not only do plants make your interior look stylish, but they also help to our filter the air as well. Something that can help make your home cleaner and healthier for your family. So go on, make everyone green with envy and use plants to decorate your indoor space by following the advice below.


Succulents are a particular type of plant that copes well in harsh conditions. Usually found at higher altitudes or pets, succulents are named so because they store the water they need for life in their leaves. This gives them a bulbous but attractive look, one that has become very popular in interior design recently.

To display succulents off in our home to maximum effect there are many different options you can choose. Single plants in single pots arranged in a row look sculptural. While an arrangement in a larger container can provide an interesting focal point.

In particular, a popular succulent to have in the home is the Aloe Vera plant, known for its soothing and medicinal qualities. In fact, you can even pinch off a leaf and use the balm inside to help heal nicks and bruises. Something that makes it a handy, as well as an attractive item to have around the family home.


Cacti are another very popular type of plant to use in an indoor space. Perhaps this is because of the hardy nature, although you would think that their inbuilt defence system of the spike would put people off!

Cacti come in all sorts of varieties and grow well indoors because they need little water, they love the heat and are practically indestructible. Opuntia Microdasys and Austrocephalocereus Dybowskii varieties are a good choice because of their interesting shapes and colours. You can get varieties like the Hylocereus and the Escobaria Vivipara too, which flower adding an additional dimension to your environment.

Just watch out for cacti if you have small children or pets that don’t understand that those spikes can do some damage. Instead, go for another variety of plant, or if you must have cacti for the right feel go for fake one that won’t be as dangerous.


Cacti and succulents while attractive will not be right for every space, so it’s worth knowing the other options that you can choose from as well. One of these is bonsai, a word that translates from the original Japanese as ‘tree in a pot.’ They are in fact miniature trees grown to be that size and can make a spectacular addition to any room.

In particular, they can look stunning in pairs on mantelpieces, or at opposite ends of a large table and Punica Granatum and Acer Palmatum are popular choices. Although some folks do steer clear of Bonsai because they are nervous that they won’t be able to successfully maintain them. Of course, this fear is usually unfounded, and as you can see at sites like Bonsai Online Limited, their care and maintenance is pretty simple, once you get the basics down. So don’t let self-doubt stop you from having these beauties to nurture and display in your home.

Cut flowers

Now, you don’t have to have a green thumb to have plants indoors, as flowers are plants too. Granted they are cut so that means that you only have a limited time to enjoy them, but they can be very beautiful nonetheless.

In fact, the right bouquet of cut flowers can bring a real sense of light, colour, and freshness to a room. You can even prolong their life by following the care instructions and adding a soluble aspirin to their water, as this will keep them perkier for longer.


The real plant of the hour right now is the palm. In fact, you can see that palm prints are everywhere in all the interior design and fashion magazines. So, why not have the real thing in your house as well?

Palms work well indoors because indoor palms thrive in low light and drier environments. In addition, they are the best of all the plants at filtering out the toxins present in the air.

Popular varieties include Chamaerops Humilis and Dypsis Lutescens which can be housed in large tubs or containers on the floor. While smaller palms can be placed in smaller pots that can be hung from the ceiling for that 70’s retro hanging garden look.

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