*Collaborative Post 
I was asked by Furniture  At Work to have a think about my own home office space after reading their fun post on home offices spaces from TV and Film shows. Imagine having a Harry Potter home office!  
I’ve been working from home since Tyler was about 2 years old, and up until about a couple of years ago I only ever worked from the laptop on my lap. I didn’t have anywhere I could have a desk or an office space but it did the job. But about 2 years ago I was super lucky and won a competition to spend £500 at a home furniture company. I knew straight away that I was going to spend it on a really nice desk for me. 
I was able to make some space in our dining room for my new desk and create a little home office zone that had all my bits and bobs. I was so happy to have this space. 
I quickly found that I worked so much more efficiently at my desk, I had all my notebooks. lists, pens and accounts right to hand. Everything I needed was there and I focused properly on things I had to get done. 
I invested in a really nice comfy chair that supported my back and allowed me to sit at my desk comfortably for a few hours at a time each day. 
As my desk area is within my dining room and open plan lounge, it had to coordinate with my interiors easily as they were all together. I had a lamp that was inherited from my Grandparents which I love, it’s brass so this gave me the opportunity to bring in touches of gold into my home office area. 
I wanted to make a ‘hub’ over my office desk where I could have everything to hand, I love lists so being able to see a list of things I needed to do straight in front of me was going to help me to forget less!! I also added some inspirational quotes to it too to keep me motivated! 
You need to keep your desk area well lit, I was sent a brilliant light which I can adjust the light settings on it to create a bright white light to help with focus or warm white light when you’re not focusing so much. It’s amazing how much lighting can make a difference in your mood and home feeling. 
So here’s my current home office space and the reasons why I decorated it and choose the pieces. It’s made such a difference in my work focus to have this office space in my home, so I 100% suggest it if you can too. 
*Collaborative Post 


  1. Melanie williams Reply

    I could not agree more, a well lit desk is key. Much easier to be productive fort sure xx

  2. I love your office space, its something I am looking into having again. I went from working on the sofa to an office back to the sofa.

    • It would be hard to lose my office space now, where would I hide all my paperwork?!

  3. Trade Furniture Company Reply

    I work from home and I am always on the lookout for ways to liven it up, thanks for the ideas.

  4. Ooh that’s nice! When I became a blogger, I sold a website I’d been working on to fund it, and to pay for an office in our garden. I’ve worked from here ever since. However, it tends to be a little soul-less … I would like to address this at some point.

  5. I really need to create a little office space somewhere in our house, it will probably be in our dining room too. It is great that it has made you more productive x

    • Yes it’s amazing that one little area carved out for me can make such a difference

  6. I really want to create a working space in our home. I think it would do be good to have a space where I can work and then walk away from it at the end of the day. To get the work/life balance!

  7. My office is under the stairs and is a bit of a dumping ground so you have inspired me to sort it out. I love that light

  8. We are doing our office up at the minute ready for my husband to start to work from home! I need inspiration so thank you!

    • Oh thats great he is going to be working from home, nice to have space for him to work from

  9. Love your work space – it’s nice and clean and so I’m sure it fits nicely within the corner of your dining room. I bet it’s helping you be more productive.

    • It’s nice to have somewhere to put all the paperwork and bits like that, I lose things less!

  10. My home office is so damn dull! I REALLY need to do something to spice it up a bit so this has given me some great ideas!

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