When I moved back to Hedge End 5.5 years ago I didn’t move back because of the great shops we had near us! We had some large supermarkets and a few good shops but the past couple years I have watched the shops grow and they have improved so much.

There has been lots of hype and rumors around what shop we would be getting next and who was going to fill this large empty store since the old Wickes moved out. Well, now we know!

On 22nd October the new TK Maxx and HomeSense store is opening at 10am!


I think that these are a great choice in shops to bring to Hedge End, TK Maxx is fantastic for picking up designer labels and top brands at up to 60% less than the price you’d pay at department stores or on the high street.

I love the fact that they have one off pieces so you don’t need to worry about the whole of Hedge End walking around in the same clothes! This often happens on the school run!

Not only is TK Maxx coming to Hedge End, the store will span over two floors at 38,659 sq ft / 3,592 square metres so it has plenty of room to bring it’s sister brand HomeSense to Hedge End too.

If you haven’t heard of HomeSense before they are a part of the TK Maxx family. If you love TK Maxx home, then you are going to love HomeSense.


They have savings of up to 60% on branded and quality homeware and gifts, with new deliveries arriving every day. Departments include, furniture, dining, storage, accessories, kitchen, bedroom, gifts, bath and body and garden. There is something for everyone!


If you fancy taking a look at what the new HomeSense Hedge End has to offer then it is opening on Thursday 22nd October at 10am, Tollbar Way, Botley Road SO30 2QY. Which for those who know the area, it is in the old Wickes store, opposite Burger King.

They also have a ‘Curiosity Cabinet’ in-store where customers on the first day who spend over £30 will be given a key to try and unlock the cabinet….I wonder what is in there?!

PR PHOTOS/PUBLICASITY - FREE FOR PUBLICATION MP Bill Esterson opens the New HomeSense Store in Aintree Liverpool.

I am attending a preview event the day before it opens, so I will be back to tell you my thoughts on the new store and what goodies I found in there!

I do have my eye on some new things for my lounge,


although how cute are their Christmas decorations?!


Why don’t you follow HomeSense on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to find out more information.

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  1. I’ve never heard of Homesense either but now that I know about it I’ll do some digging to see if there are any anywhere near me. Looks like a great place to pick up home bargains.

  2. Huge fan of HomeSense here! They’ve just opened one right near me, my purse is getting a hammering!

  3. Never heard of Homesense before but now that I know they are part of the TK Maxx group I’ll be looking out for them. Love the homewares section of our local TK Maxx in Exeter.
    I wonder what’s in that box ? x

  4. I love home sense! We’ve recently moved and now there is none anywhere near us, boo!! We do have a TK Maxx, but I need to make an excuse to travel so that we can get some bits for our new house (4weeks and counting….) Looks like you enjoyed writing this one! Xx

  5. I am a huge huge fan of tk maxx and home sense always get so many good home wear bits and they do brilliant kids books and toys so it’s a win for me. Bet your chuffed you’ve got a new one 🙂 love the grey themed bits for your lounge x

  6. Shame we don’t live close enough to one of these stores as they look like they’ve got some beautiful stuff. I may have to check their website out though!

    Commenting to you from #Love2Blog

  7. I am totally obsessed with Homesense and was over the moon when one opened near me a few weeks ago! They are my go -to when I’m looking for anything for the house and they ales have fab toys for presents x

  8. Oooh, do you know I’ve never been to Homesense even though there’s one in our town. I’m going to nip over today and see what treats I can find. Thanks for sharing.

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