Looking to create a cosy living room space within your home? Then take a look at this post where I am going to share with you some ideas on how to create a cosy lounge within your home, everyone needs a little cosy space to retreat to when they most need it.

Soft Lighting 

I think the biggest cosy living room tip I can give you is to stop using your ceiling light or spotlights if you want a cosy living room. The bright white lights are not relaxing to our minds, and stimulate us. Plan smaller lighting options in your living room, using lamps, tall floor lamps or side table lamps. You can pick from so many different types of shades, from fabric, glass or metal, depending on the style of your living room. They come in many different patterns, or plain and even the glass shades have a lot of options on finishes. 

Make sure they have warm white bulbs in them, so they have a much softer light they give off. Or use Philips Hue lighting in your lamps, as this can then be changed very easily on the app to give you soft warm lighting or bright white when you want to use the room as a function room, rather than a cosy living room. 

Seating Options 

Think about your seating options, do you want a big communal sofa area for everyone to snuggle up together? Or would you prefer lots of armchairs that you can spread around the room and you have one space each? Or a mixture of both? Once you have decided on the type, you need to decide on the fabric choice, leather or fabric? Patterned or not patterned? Some people love a leather sofa, and when buying good quality leather it can be soft, and with a good cosy throw, it can be lovely and snuggly.

I love the fabric options, I find fabric sofas more cosy in the living room, and we have a large corner sofa that fits us all on. It fits perfectly in the area we wanted and allows everyone to sit on and watch the telly. Although the corner section is the favourite area on it! 

Flooring Options 

When it comes to practicality you need to consider the options for flooring in your living room. Do you have pets? Kids? Lots of footfall? Or can you section off your living so you can control what goes in there, and how often? We have wood flooring in our main family area, but we didn’t want to put this in our living room. I loved the idea of a really soft carpet to create a cosy living room space. I can shut this room off though, and the dog has a bed basket where he can sleep. This all keeps the carpet in my living room much cleaner. I also have a carpet cleaner, so I can keep on top of cleaning it and keep the carpet fresh. 

Storage Options 

Think about your storage options, as a cosy living room needs to be clear of clutter. You want to be able to go into your cosy living room and feel calm and settled. If you’re seeing bits and bobs that need doing or putting away you won’t switch off. So having a space for things to be hidden, is perfect for clutter! 


I think textures in the room create a cosy living room space, you can add textures onto the walls through wallpaper, add it into the fireplace like we have with our brick slips, adding textured cushions, throws and rugs would give you lots of textured options. This becomes a more interesting space, and nothing beats snuggling up under a rug. 

Hiding The TV 

If you can come up with an option of hiding the TV you can use your space as a switch-off zone. Creating a more calming space, you could pop some soft music on, and read a book. Having a lamp nearby to you for a reading light but keeping everything else calm and settled, you will find a much more relaxing zone to be in. Hiding the TV behind some built-in storage, or a TV cupboard is a great option for your cosy living room. 

Installing A Fireplace 

Having a fireplace installed in your cosy living room is going to instantly make your living room become cosy. Don’t panic, it doesn’t even have to be a real one. Ours is electric and it’s still so cosy, we can even have it so just the lights are on and no heat coming out. This creates a beautiful atmosphere and instantly warms the room and it’s not even heating! 

Colour Scheme 

Think about your colour scheme. I went for Sulking Room Pink in our living room which is a bold choice of colours to have but as it’s a north-facing room that gets no sun due to its position, I went with this, rather than fighting against it. By having a room that is cosy coloured and warm, you create a warmer feeling to it. You can go big and bold with dark colours, and bring the textures and interest into the room with additional items. 

Bringing In Warm Metallics 

I love gold and bought it into my home interiors when we did our extension and I love how it brings a much warmer feeling to the rooms. The gold handles, and lighting options are a much warmer colour tone in the room than chrome. So I added in more accessories into my cosy living room, like gold picture frames and mirrors. 

I hope this has helped you comes up with some ideas on how to create a cosy living room, and you can spend many cosy evenings winding down from a busy day in there. 

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