When your home is on the little side with lots of people filling it you really need to be clever with your space saving ideas. I think this has been the biggest challenge I have faced with our current home, how to create extra storage.

The twins share a bedroom together and my son has the small bedroom so I have had to be clever about how we use the space and how to create extra storage in a small bedroom.

I thought it would be a good to write a post on how you can create extra storage in a small bedroom and share my ideas with you. 

How To Create Extra Storage In A Small Bedroom 

Wall Space

Wall space is an easy one, we all have it in each room but I bet we don’t use it to its full advantage. Use it from top to bottom and side to side! Look at every piece of wall and see how you could use it. 

Place shelves over beds to use wall space for books and items that they will pick up often. 


Place shelves over doors to use the piece of wall above this, adding baskets for items or bed sheets. Consider corner shelves, floating shelves and boxed shelves. These all add so much more storage to the room. 

Underbed Storage 

By using the underbed storage area as an added storage space, has been a brilliant way for us to gain so much extra storage. You can either purchase an ottoman bed which opens up to fill. Use plastic underbed storage to roll under the bed. Or if it’s on show and you would prefer them to look nice, you can get a range of wicker baskets that fit perfectly under the bed. 

Dressing Table Tidy

A little while ago I put a dressing table in my bedroom. I have wanted one for years and if your like me you have so many creams, brushes, bits of make up and brushes! These would get scattered all over the side, left around as I had no where proper to  put them. So by putting in a dressing table shelf it left the floor clear as it didn’t have any legs and it also meant I had somewhere to place everything.

IKEA HACK EKBY ALEX HACK into a dressing table. Looking a creating a dressing table from a IKEA EKBY ALEX shelf, then take a look at this post. It works brilliant with a grey and white bedroom decor, and lots of storage. I also have put together a IKEA MARIUS stool hack to make it a little more comfy!

Even better get some dressing table organisers to place all your things in which can be seen easily and quickly too. 

Get Organised Inside The Wardrobe 

How many of us have a good clear out of our wardrobes?! Have a good clear out, pass on clothes and shoes you don’t wear. But also think about how your hanging these items. Consider hangers which have extra holes on so your able to place more than one item on one hanger, 

Summer vs Winter 

Put away all your winter jumpers and coats in the summer. Under the bed, on top of the wardrobe, or in the loft. You can easily store them by placing inside vacuum bag packs to suck all the air out. 

Extra Height Wardrobes

In our bedroom we had to have less deeper wardrobes to give us the space at the end of the bed to pass. So we installed sliding door wardrobes so we didn’t worry about opening doors. But we have extra high wardrobes to gain more hanging space. We are then able to have a hanging rail and then an extra one underneath. My husband has one for his trousers and also drawers for underwear. This means we have everything in one space and no extra drawers needed. 

Storage Chests 

If you have the space, a really nice storage chest at the bed is perfect for chucking pretty much everything in it! As well as a nice seat too for putting on socks. Just don’t use it as clothes horse!

Use The Door

Don’t forget the back of the door! This is a great place to add hooks, hangers and basket systems to gain even more storage space. 

I hope this has given you a few extra ideas on how to create extra storage space in a small bedroom. There are some fantastic space saving items from The Holding Company so have a look around and let me know if you found anything helpful. 

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  1. Fab tips! We are lucky that our bedrooms have a lot of storage in there but I am always happy to add more! The less mess seen the better!

  2. Some great tips here. I am always looking to make more space in my Daughter room as she has the smallest room. Love them clothes bags. I could do with some for me 🙂

    • Anything that helps with space is worth it for me! My son has a small room so needs all the help he can get!!

    • Glad you liked the idea, I love being able to vacuum under it without going around the legs!!

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