Do you dream of having a space that is just yours, no one else can place their junk on, and you can make pretty? Well, I have been dreaming of that forever! I have never had a place in the house where I could sit and put my make up on, do my hair or hang my jewellery. Until now! 

That’s all mine now! I’m not going to let anyone fill it with junk or kids stuff!! I can now store all my makeup, hair bits and bobs, creams, nail polishes and all those little bits and bobs. 

I have made us of the alcove of the bedroom to fill with more storage boxes. The grey IKEA BESTA storage boxes are perfect for this shelf, I then can fill with all the little bits and bobs! 

Being an open top I can easily reach things, and plug sockets near here it is easy to dry my hair too. Even my Photobox cushions work well on the shelf! 

Of course, you have spotted this amazing mirror! I was sent this Hetti Round Mirror from Exclusive Mirrors to try to find a perfect space for it, I think I managed that! It looks perfect here, with a real impact, and gives me plenty of mirror to get ready in front of. 100cm in size it makes a statement! 

I have always wanted one of these sunburst mirrors, and this one really doesn’t disappoint. It works perfectly in a silver finish, with my grey and white colour scheme. 

I love that I was able to still place my little photos around the shape of this mirror too. 

We love IKEA, and I love being able to turn them into something more than there come as. 

IKEA HACK EKBY ALEX HACK into a dressing table. Looking a creating a dressing table from a IKEA EKBY ALEX shelf, then take a look at this post. It works brilliant with a grey and white bedroom decor, and lots of storage. I also have put together a IKEA MARIUS stool hack to make it a little more comfy!

*Product photos credit to IKEA 

The IKEA EKBY ALEX shelf was used as the dressing table, with EKBY LERBERG brackets in grey as support. This pulls out the grey within the wallpaper, flooring and bedding too. The shelf has some really nice drawers to place items inside, you can purchase inserts to stop things moving around so much. 

Have you spotted the little stool? This IKEA MARIUS cost £3 from IKEA but looked cheap (as it would be for £3!) so I wanted to add something extra to it. 

I purchased some off the roll fabric from Dunelm Mill, but you could use anything that matches your decor. You don’t need very much at all. A piece of foam, and used a glue gun to glue it all together. 

Then that was it! Now it’s comfy and much prettier, and so easy to do. 

I am so pleased with my new dressing area, I can now sit peacefully with a mirror in front of me and get ready. Bliss! 

So what do you think of my new dressing area? Have you got a space that is just yours? Hope you’ve managed to keep it clear of everyone else’s junk!!

*Post Contains affiliate links * I was sent the mirror for the purpose of this post, however, all opinions are honest and of my own. 

IKEA HACK EKBY ALEX HACK into a dressing table. Looking a creating a dressing table from a IKEA EKBY ALEX shelf, then take a look at this post. It works brilliant with a grey and white bedroom decor, and lots of storage. I also have put together a IKEA MARIUS stool hack to make it a little more comfy!

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  1. yvette bautista Reply

    i had a question about the ekby alex drawers, what are the measurements of the drawers length x width ?

    • They measure 119x29cm, theres a link in the blog post if you want to find out more about them.

  2. Ah Steph!! I can see why you’re so pleased with it!! It looks absolutely amazing!! I’ve NEVER had room for a dressing table and this little hack means that you could put one anywhere that there’s wall space! Fab — thanks so much for sharing #HomeEtc

    • Such a nifty idea isn’t it, the drawers hold quite a bit too, so you can store quite a lot of your bits and bobs!

  3. This looks lovely – but def confirms my feelings that I might have too much ‘stuff’ – I’ve filled an entire glass cabinet from ikea with stuff left over. The stool looks so much better! #homeetc

    • Thank you, I had a good clear out of all my bits and bobs, never end up using them all anyway!

    • Thank you, I find it so calming in our room. Now have to keep it clutter free…!

  4. That looks amazing. I was gutted I couldn’t fit a dressing table into my bedroom but this might work

    • Yeah it’s a great space saving idea isn’t it, hopefully you can find a space for it!

    • Do try and fine somewhere, it is so nice to have all my bits and bobs in one space

  5. That mirror is so gorgeous. i love that little area!!! Such a small space made so useful. It’s amazing what you can do with ikea furniture!!! I really want to make something like this in my bedroom. We always have to go to the bathroom or downstairs in the dining room to get ready (they’re the only rooms with mirrors), but I actually have a little space I could do something like this in. Thank you for the inspiration! x

    • Glad it inspired you, and I hope you can create a little space just for you too.

  6. What a lovely space you’ve created. I would love an area like that, one day maybe. It’s been hard enough trying to get an area to work in without it being rammed full of other peoples things!

    • I have managed to squeeze a couple of spaces like this, I think it makes such a difference having a space for you, and to keep everything organised.

  7. What a fab space saving idea!! I love it, and it looks so stylish too! I would love to do something like this in our room but I lack all motivation! One day…!

  8. Love the hack and loving your special nook it looks gorgeous love the way you have created a feature with the mirror gorgeous!

  9. Sucha simple but clever idea. That mirror is beautiful. Love the round shade mirroring the shape of the stool and the silver accent.

    Fab x

  10. That dresser is lovely. My wife is always on about how much she wants to have one so I’ll show her this post!

  11. this looks lovely, really like the style of it all. And the mirror is super stunning too. I’d love a dressing table area – may one day!

  12. Oh what a clever spot and it works so nicely with the rest of your space! Love that mirror too! I have a little dressing room myself (it’s just the box room but it’s MINE!) and I honestly wouldn’t trade it for anything – every woman needs a place to get ready 😉 xx

    • I’m sticking to this now, and I’m going to have a place of mine all the time now!

    • Thank you, I love having everything in one place now and not having to hunt for everything!

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