How has 2018 gone for you? I cannot believe how quickly this year has gone, I know I say it every year but there is something about 2018 that has gone even quicker. I didn’t think it was possible! 

I remember vividly back in January 2018 my thoughts and plans for 2018. Life hasn’t gone quite to that plan, but when does it ever! Life for me always feels better and easier when I am more organised, I fight being organised though. I am a strange one as I love to plan, I love to be organised but when it comes to staying like that I always struggle to keep it up. For me, I have to make little changes, that soon become the norm and I don’t even think about it. 

So I thought I would have a think on How To Get Organised In 2019 these ways are going to be with the help of some planners! I love notebooks, planners, and I am always writing things down! 

How To Get Organised In 2019 

Staying More Positive 

During 2019 I need to be more positive. I am still under the care of the Physios at the hospital after my back operation and I am still in a lot of pain each day. I try so hard to be positive, keep going through the pain and not let it interfere with too many things or people. But it’s hard going. 2019 I have to really try to focus on the positives, get into good habits of my back exercises, and prioritize things that have to be done. 

I stumbled across The Happiness Planner a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t resist picking this one. Not only does it arrive in the most pretty box for you to unwrap. It’s made from high-quality Saffiano vegan leather and so soft to touchI choose the Peony Planner in Pink and Gold (I would love my lounge in that!) and as soon as it arrives you cannot help but want to get it put together and quickly filling! 

The Happiness Planner has been put together for you to reflect on your past year, set goals for the current year and break it down into smaller more manageable chunks. Each month there are reflections on the past month, this will help me figure out what I struggle with, what I’ve done well and then I can use this to focus on the next month.  

Then using the daily pages to break down your monthly to-do list, ticking off what needs to be done, and focusing on the positives from your day. 

Currently priced at £54 for the full year, including printables, gold pen, gold clips and stickers to decorate your pages! I am hoping I can document my journey with The Happiness Planner with you all, and maybe that will help me stick to my goals. 

Purchase through this link and you will get £5 off (and I will get a £5 reward too) 

Cutting Out Clutter 

As I am writing this I am surrounded by paper, notes, and lists everywhere! I hate it, it stresses me out when I am trying to find something! It also isn’t good for the environment when we’re trying to cut down on our waste.  So when Rocketbook suggested I could try out their Everlast notebook what better way to get less cutter in my house. 

So what is the Rocketbook Everlast? Well, have you ever wanted everlasting paper?! This is your solution!

Using the Pilot Frixion pen you can write away on the Everlast notebook like any other notebook, then using a damp microfibre cloth you can wipe away and the writing has gone! 

But what if you want to keep the notes you’ve written? No worries! At the bottom of the pages is options for uploading and where you would like it uploaded.  Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneDrive, OneNote, Slack, Box, iCloud, iMessage, or Email. Scan in your document and it will upload to the destination you would like. 

It means I can access my written notes from anywhere I want but still can use a pen and paper which is my favorite way to make notes. 

The Everlast notebook comes in four different colours, and 3 different sizes. 

Letter Size: 21.59 cm x 27.94 cm (close to A4) £34.99
Executive Size: 15.24 cm x 22.35 cm (Close to A5) £32.99

It also comes in the mini Everlast too which is Mini Size: 8.9 cm x 14 cm which would be great popping in your bag when you’re at events and jotting down notes when your out and about. 

Family Organisation 

Earlier on this year, I purchased a blackboard for the hallway. Each week I update what’s going on each day. The children have really benefited from this as they can quickly check if they’ve remembered anything they need for school or events going on. 

So I wanted to take it one step further in 2019. A family calendar for notes and reminders! They often as me things to do, ‘Mummy can you do this for me for tomorrow‘ or ‘don’t forget this Mum‘ but I always forget these things. So now I have purchased a family organiser which is A3 size and will sit on my desk. 

I will give them each a section, including my husband!! and if they want me to do anything, or remember something then they can write it on there for me. This gives them a bit of responsibility as they’re getting older now to remember to place it on the do to list. Rather than telling me and then forgetting and I have to remember everything! 

This isn’t it filled out, by the way, I would love a spa day and holiday in one week!! I got this one from Ryman but they don’t sell it anymore. However, check out Amazon for a few similar. 


I have taken part in a few online courses, and I am a member of a group which offers support and lots of great content through courses, live videos and helpful tips throughout the week. I want to join in with these more in 2019 so gain support, friendship and to keep on learning more things. I feel this will help me to gain confidence for myself and my blog. 

I want to be more organised with the information that has been given to me when I write my notes. Normal notebooks mean I just jot everything down and then can never find the section I wanted to go back to! 

The TABI notebook has lots of lined pages for note taking but down each side is a little tab. You can mark what the page is on the little tab, so you can refer back to it quickly. 

It would be great for my courses as when we’ve been talked about SEO I can have an SEO tab to refer to, then a Social tab and so on. Or adding dates for when the information was given to me. 

Priced at A4 £23.88 and A5 £19.90 from Amazon 

*I received some of these items for review which have been included in this post. I also have included affiliate links which means I get a small amount of commission but you don’t pay any more for the items. 





  1. Oh I love that planner, it is so so pretty. I really need that organiser too – it looks awesome x

    • It feels so nice to touch as well! I am going to love having that out on my desk and filling out each day

  2. I am a to-do list orientated person so I am always on a hunt for nice planners. I am excited for 2019 but it does feel like 2018 just went by in a flash

  3. It is really important to remain positive when you’re in pain. It makes a huge difference! Sounds like you’re on the right track and I hope 2019 goes really well for you!

    • It can be so hard at times though can’t it, thank you and hopefully, I can kick butt in 2019!

  4. Yes, I need all the organisation I can get in my life! 2019 I will be more organised! These planners look great and so pretty too!

  5. Ooooo I am loving that very pretty happiness planner. It’s so lovely to look at and it would definitely then be used!! It’s such a positive way of looking at organising and planning too xxx

  6. Got to love a bit of organisation at the beginning of a new year! I have seen the Happiness Planner on Instagram and really want to get one – it looks like such a positive way to stay organised 🙂

    • It’s so pretty and really nicely laid out inside. I will be happily filling this one up!

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