Warren Evans are running their Sleep Naturally campaign and I am featured as their ‘busy blogger’! It made my friends laugh when they saw my face pop up on Warren Evans’ website and laugh even more when they saw all the changes I had to make. They all know how much I love my cup of tea and gadgets.

I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago regarding a new sleep routine, which I had been set by sleep expert Dave Gibson.

Now it is time to update you all on how I got on with the changes I was set.

The routine I was set is in black and my thoughts now are in blue.

Please try and stick to this plan firmly for at least 7 days/nights.

1) Exercise. Do some exercise to raise your heart rate in the day – even 5 minutes will help. Exercise in the morning is regarded as better than in the evening. Although you do the school run and you also take the dog for walk you don’t appear to do any exercise where you get your heart pumping and your heart rate rising significantly. Try running with the dog or a run/walk program whereby you run for 2 minutes then walk for 2 minutes then run for two minutes then walk for two etc. (You could choose to do 5mins/5mins etc.).

* As I said in my previous post I can’t run due to a foot injury so I made sure I walked fast on my dog walks and did a really fast blast for at least 5 minutes.


2) Omit Blue Light at Night. Blue light coming from your laptop, mobile phone and TV and it will trick your mind in thinking that it’s daytime, so the sleep hormones you need are not released. If you need to work late due then try downloading an app onto your screen that will eliminate blue light and produce a warm, red light. There are lots of apps you can download but you could try F.lux – it’s free – https://justgetflux.com/. I firmly advise cutting out all screens an hour before you go to sleep.

* I think this app is really good, I notice throughout the evening my laptop giving a warm glow. I do prefer looking at the warmer screen and as I use it throughout the evening it feels so much nicer on my eyes than the bright blue screen. I would suggest everyone got this free app, especially those who need to use their evenings to work, as I do.

3) Drink Valerian or Chamomile tea not decaf tea. Although decaf tea has less caffeine in it that normal tea the caffeine is still there. Valerian tea is a herbal tea and has it has been found to help people go to sleep as it seems to act like a sedative on the brain and nervous system. And chamomile tea has no caffeine in it so will not keep you awake. Swap your last two cups of the day for herbal tea with no caffeine. Lemonade and flavoured sparkling water will contain sugar and this can also interfere with going to sleep.

* This is where I struggled really badly, I tried the Chamomile tea but it gave me such a horrible stomach ache. I am sure that it’s not the same for everyone but I couldn’t carry on drinking it.


4) No mobile phone in bed. Your mobile phone is not allowed in bed, do social before bed and much earlier in the evening if possible (before work preferably). If you can leave your mobile phone downstairs when you go up to bed then you won’t be tempted to look at it.

* I have to have my phone in my bedroom at night as hubby works night shifts so I want to be able to be contactable and contact him quickly if need be. This did mean that the temptation was there but I did quite well not using it about an hour before bed and I feel I benefited from it.

5) Meditate. Add a short new sleep routine in the evening, every evening. Mindfulness or new sleep routine can really help your body and mind relax and it will prepare you for sleep. You can either use it to get you to sleep or as part of your bedtime routine.

* I did laugh when I saw it said meditate but the meditation suggested was really simple and really effective. It was just about switching your mind off and relaxing your body. I found when I turned the light off and curled up to go to sleep it was an easy way of relaxing and I fell asleep really quickly doing this.

6) Write it down. If you’re taking time to go to sleep and you find your mind is whirring then write down your thoughts on to a piece of paper next to your bed – and then tell yourself to let go of them. Try the meditation again.

* I have started to write down the things I need to do throughout the day as well as at night. This really does help my mind empty and also helps focus my mind on the things I need to get done the next day.

Final thoughts

Some of the tips suggested were not for me but I feel I was able to take some of the tips and continue to follow them. I have been getting to sleep better at night and not waking up during the night. I do like to hit the snooze button a couple of times in the morning still but some mornings I have got out of bed much easier than before!

Sleep Naturally Campaign – what it’s all about…

Warren Evans commissioned the Sleep Naturally study, quizzing 2,000 people on their daily habits and how they sleep together as couples to gain an insight into the UK’s sleep routines.

The Sleep Naturally campaign aims to highlight the modern day issues we face when it comes to sleep and offers expert advice, helpful tips and practical tools that you can use everyday, to help you get a better night’s sleep, naturally. https://www.warrenevans.com/

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