Living in a semi-detached house means that we don’t get any natural light from one side of our house. Also we have a long room that is both our living room, and dining room together. So with only windows at each end, it can get really dark and gloomy at times. 

When thinking about homes, we usually focus on the space we have, and where we can put our items. However I think light in the room is just as important. So it got me thinking about how I could bring more light into our homes. 

Take Down Walls 

Now this is a big one to start off with, but walls create dark spaces, and block light. So if you are able to take down a wall, do it! This instantly this opens up the space, allows other windows to light new places and furniture to be spread out. 

Bi-Folding Doors

You may have an opportunity to add in some bi-fold doors. These have become really popular over the past few years, and I can see why. They instantly add so much light into the room, less blocks of wall, and it gives the opportunity to bring outside in. Having a large view of the garden is going to make the house feel much bigger, and much lighter. The garden then becomes an extension of the house, and can be put to good use. 


Mirrors are a really cheap way to add more light to your home, they can be easily installed, and instantly add light. Hang them on a wall opposite a window, and the light can bounce off the mirror back into the room.

If you have a room with no natural light source, fill a wall with them, this dramatically adds space and light to the room.

Light Tunnels 

If you have a room without any windows, or a long way from a window. Then how about adding in a light tunnel? A small tunnel which is built into the ceiling, bringing light from the roof down into the house. It surprises me how much light you gain from a tiny tunnel, but it is really worth the effort to install. 

Tie Back Curtains 

Such a simple solution, but purchase some tie backs to pull your curtains back away from the window. Making sure that the curtains don’t cover any of the window, means you are making full advantage of the natural window light. 

Light Colours 

Painting walls a light colour is a very easy way to gain more light into your home. You can even pick a paint that helps bounce light off it. The Dulux Light + Space paint, has a patented LumiTec formulation which works with light-reflective particles, and bounces off up to twice as much light. In a previous house I used this paint in a small room, it works brilliantly! 

*Commissioned Post 

Are you looking for more space in your home? How about adding more light into your home to make your home feel brighter and larger. See what suggestions I have put together on how to bring more light into your home



    • Yes I would LOVE a extension with bi-folding doors too, be such a lovely space

  1. We have a similar problem in our house. We also live in a semi detached house and although we have an extension on the living room, it definitely needs more light. It was done before we moved in but we do hope to change the roof to add in a velux window at some point when we can afford it.

    • A Velux would make a big difference to light coming in wouldn’t it, everything is always so costly isn’t it!

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