We have finally started our main bedroom renovation!

I cannot wait until I can have a space that is just mine to relax in.

I want a space that is clean, crisp and clutter free.

Are you ready for a step back in time??


This photo was before we moved in, if I had shown you one now you never would see anything as it is filled to the brim with huge bulky furniture and junk!

The decor is the same apart from the carpet as we tore this up before we put in all our stuff in!

It isn’t the largest of rooms and currently we have a large chunky bed with a wooden end to it, we are always banging our legs on the bottom of the bed as we squeeze past the huge chunky wardrobes that are sticking out. It isn’t fun and bruises on the thighs are not a good look!


So we spent a while in our local Ikea looking at all their wardrobe systems, we found them great as they have released a new system that is narrow, this means it doesn’t stick out as much as standard wardrobes. No bruised thighs!!

You may wonder how you can store clothes in their if it is narrow, well good old Ikea have come up trumps with that too and sell hanging rails that face forward so you are looking at the clothes rather than the side of them.


Top tip: Take a look in the clearance section of Ikea as we picked up the perfect fit ex display wardrobes, no doors but these are purchased separately.

We have chosen this style of doors but they are white frosted instead.



After my visit to Hedge End NEXT I can’t seem to keep away! I spotted a beautiful wallpaper that I knew would be perfect in my bedroom. Clean and crisp but with the softness of the flowers.

Hydrangea White Wallpaper



iSense super soft carpet in warm grey, I cannot wait to walk barefoot on this carpet! If you don’t have a clue what I am talking about take a trip to your local carpet shop and they might have a stand on this range. It is super soft, the feel of it is wonderful and I was sold straight away on it!

Window dressing

I wanted to have blinds in the room rather than curtains to keep with the clean lines but they needed to be blackout.

I found some lovely faux silk Roman Blinds from Dunelm which would be perfect to pull in the silver from the wallpaper


Items that are still on my shopping list

We need a new bed so I stop banging my thighs on it and also it is made from dark brown wood,ย  so I been looking at the great range of beds that Dreams have and I found a perfect one.

I want one with lots of storage and a comfy headboard as we watch TV in bed every night.


Ceiling lights and bedside lights

I spotted this light on BHS and thought how unusual it is! I would like to find some little bedside lamps that had the same shape to this.


Bedside tables

I do like the idea of these Ikea bedside tables, as they have a cable section so you can run the cables for charges up the back into the drawer so you can charge your phone each night easily without your cables everywhere.


We currently have a small alcove that I would love to fill with shelves, pretty boxes and storage for necklaces. These would be on show and a place for everything!!

Sign up to my subscription to see how we get on.

I cannot wait to finally get my space.


Love Chic Living and Love Your Home



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  2. How can you stand to part with that beautiful brown wallpaper?! Are you sure you won’t regret it?! Really, really lovely choices though. I have walnut and white frosted glass furniture and love it. Can’t wait to see the finished room.

  3. Oh love your choices, but can’t think why on earth you’d want to do away with that lovely brown wallpaper ๐Ÿ˜‰ #loveyourhome

  4. Great choices!
    We have the exact same wardrobes and used to have those doors. In fact, the only reason we got rid of them is because we separated the units of the wardrobe to make 2 separate ones, and so needed new doors to match our new system, but i do miss the old ones!
    I bet it will look fabulous and much more fresh when you’ve finished! ๐Ÿ™‚

    p.s if you haven’t got rid of that green carpet yet, see if any local gardeners want it! We had one very similar and apparently green carpets are great for laying outside to kill old lawn prior to returfing (and obviously because it’s green doesn’t look too weird when it’s being done!)

    Karen x


    • Oh I never knew about the green carpet, I am afraid it has gone already but good tip!

  5. Happy decorating, it’s so exciting when you get to completely overhaul a room. The bedroom is so important, you need a sanctuary :O)

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