I have been trying to be more organised with my meals and what we have throughout the week for our main meal.

By doing this it has helped us to save money at the super market as I am not just picking up lots of different things to make random meals!

Also it helps with making sure you eat certain foods before they go past their use by date.

I wanted to have my meal plan board up on the wall in the kitchen where we could all easily see it but also I didn’t want a boring white board that we could write on.

I had a good look around for ideas on Pinterest which you can see all the ideas that I pinned as well. Pinterest is great as I was able to take ideas from different boards to make my own one that fitted with our house and style.

I picked up a photo frame from Matalan which was a really good price but you could use any style of frame that fitted in with your interiors.

I picked up some alphabet stickers, mini pegs and black card from Hobby Craft.


As you can see from the picture my frame has been filled with a fabric, this matches my blinds in my kitchen so ties in lovely. The glass is in front of this fabric so you can stick the things to the front.

Then I had to make a little pocket to store the unused meal cards, I made this one in a rectangle but I would suggest for you to make it in a match box shape as it is better for the cards to stand up in.


Then you can add the sticky lettering onto the glass of the frame to make your words you wants, I wanted ‘Menu’ and the letter of the days down the side.


Stick the little pegs to the side of the letters leaving room for your meal cards to go, make sure you use a strong glue!

I just used a word document to add all my chosen meals in a table and printed off, you can add as many meals to this as you can fit in your pocket at the bottom!

Then you have your final product!


I am really pleased with it and it looks really nice up on the wall in the kitchen.

Now I just need to get use to planning the meals on the time!

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  2. Oh I love this idea, how fab is that! Love the meal card idea. I do plan meals but run out of inspiration. If the options were already printed out it would be much easier!! #loveyourhome

  3. Mummy's Blog Reply

    This is so cute, I have been thinking about getting back into meal planning for a while – I’m sure having something as cute as this would give me motivation!

  4. Cathy Lavictoire Reply

    What a lovely idea for a meal planner looks great. I am also a fan of meal planning and try to make sure I do it every week agree with all your points and definitely makes shopping easier! There is a great linky every Monday you might be interested in over at http://www.athomewithmrsm.com. Happy meal planning πŸ™‚

  5. I absolutely love this! I really want to make this for my meal planning. It’s a wonderful idea and it’s lovely to have the meals bright and clear. I use a notebook for meal planning and I always loose it. I don’t think I could loose a gorgeous board like this x
    Sis http://www.sewwhite.com

  6. I love this – so simple but it looks so lovely to hang up in the kitchen – great post! πŸ™‚

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