OK I have been rubbish at following my garden this year, and with the amount of rain we’ve had I’ve not really had the chance to enjoy it too much and we’ve not done too much in it this year. Next year will be the big one, as we’ve got a whole new garden area to landscape and we have lots of lovely ideas in our head for it! 

So I thought I would give you a look at what flowers we had throughout the summer, and some jobs we did get done. 

Flowers In The Planters 

I love my white garden planters, they give a great separation to the garden area and patio, but when you are sat on the patio sofa you always have a lovely lookout. This year I have mixed it up a little, with some success and some not such success! 


The Snapdragons (Antirrhinum) that I grew from seed went amazing and they spread really well,  a little too well as they ended up smothering some new plants and I forget they were there! But they gave a fantastic amount of colour in the planters, and if you deadhead them you’re getting plenty more come up. 

My sanguisorba pink elephant (this pink flower) has done amazing in my planter, it has these amazing fluffy flowers on that the bees go mental for, and in the mornings there was a hum of bees on them. I think I might have to divide it, or move it next year as I am not sure if this planter can take it growing any bigger! 

I lost my Agastache over the winter, so I grew some more from seed and they’ve done really well, and it was great to see them back in the planters as the bees love these too. I am quite chuffed when I grow something from seed as I’ve not been doing it long, and now I have my homemade cold frame to make use of. 

Flowers In The Garden 

I love the summer months in the garden as there is so much colour, the flowers have taught me a little more patience in life as I have to wait for them to bloom, and not get impatient! But I’m rewarded with these beauties, 

I couldn’t resist this stunning Hydrangea, I had been admiring the ones that love sunshine on Instagram and whilst out at the garden centre I spotted this one which starts off white and turns to a dried pink. I will plant it up in the new area of the garden next year as they grow quite big. 


Our screening has worked really well this year, it’s allowed my passionflower to grow up it, but not spreading too much over the neighbour’s side. But when the flower isn’t there, we still have screening. 


Painting Fences and No Hot Tub! 

I worked really hard one day and got this full row of fences painted with one coat of our Nude Taupe Protex Paint, it needs another one but has made a difference to the garden and it’s not blue anymore! 

You will also notice we got rid of our hot tub, it was just becoming too expensive to run for the little use we all got from it. Along with all the utility prices going up, we thought it was time to sell it. 

So now the little area I had hidden by the hot tub was exposed, so I popped my plant pots there for the time being and covered in bark chip to keep the weeds down. 

New holiday plants! Whilst we were on our summer holiday in West Sussex we picked up some new plants, I have never been anywhere that has so many plant nurseries! I picked up this purple/pink plant….my friend will laugh at me when she reads this as I always forget the name of this plant…..at an honesty stall which was at the end of their driveway and only a short walk from where we were staying. It was super cute! 

Just like these little violas that my parents picked up for me, they look like little smiling faces! 

So that’s the summer over with now, and I am pretty sad about that, I’ve had quite a few coffees in my new swing chair, which I still love. It gives me an area that I just have to pop the outdoor cushion onto, rather than getting all the sofa cushions out. A perfect coffee chair!  

New Plans! 

I am super excited to start the new area of the garden, first, off we have to create some paths so we don’t spend the winter bring mud and water into the house, this then gives us a route to get to the new area, the shed and the dog patch. We want to build up the garden, so the top area becomes a secrete garden area with some sort of water feature too. So stick with us, it’s going to be messy!! 

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