Being a Mum makes you grow up pretty quickly, you’re now responsible for these little humans, helping them grow up, learn new things and making memories with them. You want all their experiences to be positive, for them to be happy and turn into a confident person.

When they reach school age, it is pretty scary! You have spent the past few years having control over their life to a certain degree, being able to give them as many positive experiences as possible and being there for them when they need to. So when the day comes when you hand them over to someone else to look after for the day, it is pretty emotional, well for me it was!

I don’t have many young school memories, but I do remember my first day at school. I remember my teacher, I remember leaving my Mum and how big the school was. I always remember going back when I was a teenager and thinking how small the chairs were!

I am the little girl on the 2nd row down, on the end right, with the brown fringe and light blue dress.


It’s funny looking at this picture, as I still live in the same town I went to school in. So I often see some of these children who are now adults, some are even Mums and Dads of the kids MY kids go to school with!

Looking at this picture clearly the uniform wasn’t so strict as it is now, my children have to wear the school colours, black leather shoes, and they would be sent home if they turn up looking like the little boy in the 3rd row down, 2nd from left!

A fond memory I have of primary school is being outdoors, our school had a lovely outdoor space, sheep field, ponds, woods and fairy ring seating to read in. We were often outdoors learning and I wish the schools did this more often, kids need to be outdoors and getting fresh air. Now my school has sold off all the field for housing, built a brand new school and knocked down the old one.


When it came to secondary school I remember my Mum being really unhappy, I had completed my first year and then we got a new headteacher! When he arrived he insisted that the uniform was changed, we had to wear proper shirts and ties, a v-neck jumper to show off the tie and smartened us all up.  Mum was not happy as I still fitted my old uniform! I can imagine how annoyed she must have been, being a Mum myself now and lets be honest school, uniform is not cheap to purchase.

We had a little laugh when going through all my Mums old photos for this post, my Mum clearly wasn’t bothered about taking photos of me in my school uniform, as there was hardly any of me! My eldest Sister, and even my cousin but not me! I think I was full on as a child and Mum must have been quite happy to send me off to school as quickly as possible!

Today’s children won’t have this problem, you only have to log onto Facebook when the schools are going back to see all the photos of the children, I even did a little video when my son started secondary school!

I hated this photo, still do! It is the only photo my Mum got of me at secondary school, I thought I would compare it to Tyler at the same age……


The school uniform is really strict at secondary school, even to the extreme of saying they need red PE socks for the winter and white PE socks for the summer! I don’t agree on that one.

I enjoyed secondary school, I loved the friends I made, the fun we had and growing up. Secondary school kind of moulds you to the person you become, the subjects you take start creating the path you take for your adult life. I was really sad when Tyler started secondary school, it was now time for him to grow up and choose his path in life.

However a year down the line, I’m excited to see what path he takes, the friends he makes and what is in store for him.

I have been working with Marks and Spencers on their back to school campaign and thinking about my school memories, we also received some super quality M&S uniform to try out. The girls were over the moon with their new uniform, they are starting a new school in September as they move up to the junior school and needed all new uniform. We are moving from the colour red and navy to green and black.

I was really impressed with the quality of the clothing, it is a little more expensive than your supermarket brands but when they’re in it 7 hours a day it is really going to take some wear isn’t it! With generous sizing too, I think this uniform will easily last the year.  Don’t they look smart!


*Pleated Summer Gingham Checked Dress – Green £9-12


*2 Pack Girls’ Cotton Rich Picot Edge Tops – £7-9 & Girls’ City Shorts with Adjustable Waist & Triple Action Stormwear™ £9-14



*Girls’ Traditional Pinafore with Permanent Pleats with Triple Action Stormwear™ £10-14 and 2 Pack Girls’ Cotton Rich Ruched Tops £7-10


*2 Pack Girls’ Cotton Rich Ruched Tops £7-10, Girls’ Skater Skirt with Triple Action Stormwear™ £9-14, Girls’ Traditional Pleated Skirt with Triple Action Stormwear™ £9-14

M&S are looking back to the past and seeing how uniform has changed, why don’t you share you old school photos on twitter and add the hashtag #MySchoolYears so we can all see them.

*Commissioned post








  1. Lovely to read your memories. I do love making a memory of each year. My daughter goes to year 1 in September. It all goes too quickly xx

  2. I love going through your memories! I still remember my first day in school! Wonder, don’t we still wearing uniforms every day?

  3. I love the butterfly on the pinafore 🙂 Super cute 🙂 My eldest starts preschool in September, and all the memories are flooding back from school! Lovely post xxx

  4. I’m liking the city shorts. Very nice. We did this campaign too – bit of a fan of M&S as they’re the only trousers that feel nice, and come in a slim fit so they’re not ridiculously baggy round the hips for N. It was lovely looking back at our memories. I was weird at primary – I was pretty much the only one who chose to wear uniform (including a proper ti!)

    • My son has to have slim fit trousers, as they look like clown trousers otherwise! Ah you were a good girl wearing your uniform!

  5. Fun to read your memories. i did a similar post last month, as my eldest starts school in September – eeeeek! the city shorts for girls look like a great addition for uniform x

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