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2019 is fast approaching and were soon be saying goodbye to 2018, I can’t believe how quick this year has gone but I’m looking forward to seeing what 2019 has in store for us all.

When it comes to interiors they can change so quickly. I think back to some of my interior choices, which now would never be seen on Pinterest! So it got me thinking about what the Interior Trends for 2019 will be. 

Unusual Tiles 

Let’s start off with something that I did in my kitchen renovation, unusual tiles. Being bold and brave with your tile choice can be a little daunting to start off with, but it pays off once it’s done. I love having tiles that are really different, and breaking out from the norm! Adding a feature wall like this bathroom could give a little touch of unusual tiles and combining with some plain tiles to complement them. If you don’t feel brave enough to go for some unusual tiles then you could go for a different colour grout, C & W Berry have a great range of grout to choose from. 

*Walls and Floors 


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Metallics are appearing more and more in the interior sections. You can find them in furniture to make statement pieces, or in accessories to add in a simple touch. I’ve been adding a few little pieces into my home this year, but I am very tempted to add some wallpaper with metallics in when we change our lounge

*Penelope Hope

 Organic and Sustainable Items  

*White Black Grey

During 2018 I’ve seen a lot of interest in more organic items and people being more sustainable. I have made some changes in my life during 2018 and cutting our waste down. So I think we will be adding more and more items to our homes that have been upcycled, recycled and I’ve even seen blankets made from plastic bottles! 

Weave and Textiles 

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I have seen more and more weave and textiles being used as practical items within the home. Plain decor with natural weave items look so natural within the home. I really love the knitted wall hangings which are great to add colour, texture and interest to your walls. 



Plants within the home are getting increasingly popular inside the home. I remember as a child my Grandparents having plants inside the house, but I think they went out of fashion for quite a while, but not anymore. Plants can bring colour, texture and life to a room. You can fill a little corner gap with a tall plant, or add a bunch of flowers to a shelf for a pop of colour. With so many different plant pots to accompany them too! 


*Collaborative Post 



  1. I love this trend for metallics that is coming through, and how they can be used so creatively. I think it looks really edgy, now just to work out how to work them into my interiors

  2. I love plants in the house but have found I don’t have enough space at mine which is a shame

  3. I agree with all of these and I’ve already noticed them all popping up in interiors. I just wish i could keep my plants alive as I do love living with a lot of greenery at home. At this rate though I will have to go faux!

  4. Will definitely agree with plants . We’ve got a few around the home and they really make a difference – if you keep them alive too! 🙂

  5. A lot of the trends seem quite retro – think 1970’s habitat. I am glad plants are making a comeback. It adds life to a room. We wanted to refresh our bathroom and found some lovely tile decals on Ebay.

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