Like many of this year we’ve not been away on holiday this year and I really could do with it! Over the past few months, we’ve still loved being able to get out and enjoy the outdoors as a family. I think this time has shown families you can have some wonderful trips out together and allowed them to appreciate the outdoors more. 

We love visiting new places and would love to visit some further afield. However, as a family of 5, it can sometimes be tricky to find accommodations that allow 5 or more for a reasonable price tag, without adding in the need for the places to allow dogs!! So I love the thought of a 6 berth caravan or motorhome to travel around in! This would give us space for the family plus a little extra room for our 4 legged friends!

I’ve got thinking of the places I would love to visit with the freedom of having a 6 berth caravan for us, and here are some of them to share with you guys. 


After our family holiday to Newquay Cornwall last year, I’ve fallen in love with the area.  I love the beaches and the beaches in Cornwall are breathtaking. My twins got to have a surfing lesson on a stunning sandy beach of Holywell Beach on one day, and then we got to explore the rocky cliffs of Bed Beach in the pouring rain the next day! Both such amazing experiences and looking around there are so many beaches to explore and hidden ones too. 

I love the idea of travelling around the coastline from top to bottom of Cornwall finding all the beautiful beaches together. 

Scotland – Cairngorms 

After our Christmas in Scotland, I want to visit every part of it, and I will be making sure I complete the North Coast 500 around Scotland in my lifetime! When driving around there was something around every corner, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we spotted the Clatteringshaw just randomly on our route. It was breathtaking and I will never forget that view.  

One area of Scotland I want to explore more of is the Cairngorms, with its large open spaces to explore, forests, lochs, and mountains to climb. My plan is to find a massive waterfall for the kids to see. 


There are so many places in Wales that I want to visit, I can’t list them singularly! We had a holiday cottage booked for Mid/West Wales back in July which we cancelled, which we were gutted about. It was on the coastline, looking over the beach and I planned to go out on a boat to find the dolphins. It was on my bucket list to do this. 

Being able to travel using caravans or motorhomes means we could explore so much more of Wales, and tick off quite a few places! 

Yorkshire Dales 

We’ve never properly visited the Yorkshire Dales. We drove through it once and stopped off in a lovely little pub for lunch. But I remember seeing all the fields with their stone brick walls edging all the fields. A typical Yorkshire scene! I’ll be on the hunt for proper big drop waterfalls, it’s something I’ve not really had a chance to see properly myself, but I really want to show the kids a proper one. The Yorkshire Dales has Hardraw Force, which is the highest single drop waterfall in England, so I think that one needs to be added to the list! 

Lake District 

We’ve driven through the Lake District on our way to Scotland, but we never stopped. Having a Bailey of Bristol caravan (or motorhome) that is built with Alu-Tech construction means you’re travelling with a strong and durable bodyshell and its enhanced thermal insulation capabilities means it keep you warm when the temperatures start to drop. It would be great to combine a stop off in the Lake District on the way up to Scotland! 

The lake in Ullswater is the second largest in England and it’s pulling me by just seeing the photos, 7 and a half miles long it’s got lots of routes around it to walk and explore. 

So where do you fancy exploring? 

If you fancy the idea of a 6 berth caravan to get you and your family out exploring the stunning areas around us, be sure to double check Covid-19 restrictions in the area before travelling. For more socially distanced UK holiday ideas, you can head over to Bailey of Bristol and take a look at the News & Events section.

You can also check out Bailey of Bristol’s Virtual Showroom, a way to have a 360º tour of their caravans and motorhomes from the socially distanced comfort of your own home.  There are more options available than 6 berth caravans. Maybe you’re more interested in a 2, 4 or 5 berth caravan? And if you are more of a motorhome person, they’ve got you covered for those too with between 2 and 6 berths and 2 and 6 travelling seats.

I’m now planning our next holiday adventure and which one we should tick off first!!!

*Post sponsored by Bailey of Bristol


  1. Oh my goodness – you’re much braver than me wanting to explore in a caravan – I think I would need a 50ft motor home ha ha! But I definitely agree with you about some of the destinations – Wales, Scotland especially….where the scenery is stunning. And I absolutely love Cornwall…we’ve been many, many times.

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