My son said to me a few weeks ago, ‘why are all our carpets a boring cream colour?’

The only thing I could reply with was, ‘because Mummy plays it safe and doesn’t push the boundaries with colours’

I redecorated my sons bedroom a couple of weeks ago and as you can see I pushed my colour boundaries! The retro bright colours and geometric patterns are really on trend this season and we are seeing this in new wallpaper ranges, lighting, furniture and now even carpets.

Carousel Twist Raspberry Carpet (2)

Carpetright have introduced a new colour range of carpets and vinyl flooring to allow you to bring pops of colour into your home and not play safe with boring carpets. This is really pushing your boundaries with colour but I think it works great with retro style furniture and accessories to pull in the colours.

True Colours Uni 557 Vinyl (2)

The warm tones in the wood compliments the colours so well, the bright colouring of the vinyl floor gives it such a fun and exciting feeling to the room. As you can see they have pulled in the orange into the seat pads and lighting to tie the room together. Not only does it look great it is such a practical flooring for a high footfall room like a kitchen and dining room.

Camden Scarlet Stripe Carpet (1)

If a bold block of colour isn’t your style or a bit too much then how about going for stripes with some colour in the carpet? Striped carpets are great for elongating the room and making them feel bigger but you still have that subtle colour in it.

I love the retro style that is coming in, it’s great fun going around the shops and seeing all these pieces of furniture that my Grandparents had but with a modern look to them. If I went for one of those carpets I don’t think my son would say I choose boring carpets anymore!

Do you think you should push the boundaries with colour more, or are you happy to play safe?

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