After putting my ideas together for my sons new bedroom I was really keen to get it completed for him.

I don’t have all the accessories, finishing touches and storage for him but I wanted to get the paint work and wallpaper done.

So it has gone from this when we bought the house in Nov 2012


First renovation within a month of moving in, which didn’t give him much room and he wanted a more fun grown up room.


To this now

boys-blue-grey-yellow-bedroom-1boys-blue-grey-yellow-bedroom-2  boys-blue-grey-yellow-bedroom boys-blue-grey-yellow-bedroom-3

The wallpaper is from Next, they have a great range of wallpapers and it is the place to go for some really great wallpaper choices. The prices are really reasonable and the quality is great, what more could you want?!

I love this design, the colours are really modern and on trend. The shot of yellow is a great colour to bring into accessories, I am looking forward to picking out some really cool things. It is grown up enough for an older boys bedroom and the Valspar paint in ‘Hollywood’ from B&Q adds a younger bolder twist to the room. I am really pleased with it, I wanted to go for a bolder room and be braver with the colour choices so I am pleased it came out ok!

As you can see I have to get new curtain poles, lighting, bed, storage, shelving, desk and then it is finished!

He loves it, we didn’t let him see the changes happening, kept him out and once it was finished he could see the big change! We put a few of his things back in the room to make it feel more like his room and then let him back in, you can see in the video below that he loved it. T isn’t a big expressive kid so this is excited for him!

The big thing with this new bedroom design is that he is going to have more space, it isn’t a big room as you can see so it is very important to try to make as much storage and use of the space possible. I will be coming up with some designs to do just that! Keep an eye out!
*We were sent the Valspar paint to review.

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  5. Oh I just love that wallpaper Steph, just my thing 🙂 Look forward to seeing it x

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    • Thanks! I am pleased with it and it’s good fun adding some colour to the room and being able to get away with it!

  7. Aw wow I LOVE the geometric wallpaper. Smaller rooms are so difficult aren’t they? We’ve had similar problems with our nursery but it’s amazing what you can do with a space when you put your mind to it!
    Karen x

  8. Loce the colour on the walls and the wallpaper. Looks like he loves it too! Can’t wait to see how it progresses!

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