Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together. Just a bunch of normal family life pictures!

I am so sorry this is such  boring weekend of photos! We had a BIG house clearance of the loft and garage this weekend. We had a skip bag arrived that needed filling, so pretty boring weekend and I kept forgetting to take photos as I was so busy. But hey that’s family life for you! 

Saturday 6th January 

The girls stayed over their friends on Friday night, and Tyler had his friend over so they were happy! We got on and started clearing! 

The loft was like this in every space of the loft, it would make a great loft conversion……if there was ever room!! 

There was so many things that had been put up there, it was like a trip down memory lane pulling everything out. 

This was my old stereo as a teenager, I remember saving up for it and my Sister taking me to Currys to buy it! Only the radio works now, so off it went into the skip bag! 

Look at this terrible painting of me and hubby! Years ago someone painted it for us, it was online and I don’t know them (So they won’t be offended!) but they painted it from a photo of us. I have a really funny looking mouth in it, and Kev has so much hair!!! The girls were not impressed by it!! 

This skip bag was pretty big, but I couldn’t wait to fill it all up. Popped hubby in it to start with….!!

A night in front of the telly with the kids watching The Voice together. 

Sunday 7th January  

After swimming the girls wanted to go and buy their new TV, they have saved up their Christmas money. Plus side of being a twin, when you are going to share the item your get there quicker when saving!! So we popped into Currys to buy their TV. 

Next day it was the garage, this has been another dumping ground for us. Just chuck it in and deal with it another time……

Gus is recovering from a little lump removal op on his neck, so he needed a calm weekend too. Time for a little groom and get rid of some of the hair that ends up around the corners of my home!

Anything soft that we put on the floor Gus thinks it’s a new bed for him. Sofia went to do some gym practice on her gym mat……but Gus got in there first!! 

Checking out our handy work and how much space we have! 

Who else loves a bit of Angel Delight?! Hubby said this fell into the shopping basket……

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  1. Soubds like a relaxed and homely weekend. And topped off with Angel delight, I may have to get retro and buy a sachet myself.

  2. Hi, I’m glad to have found your blog through the #pointshoot linky! Like your photos, but I hope you rescued your hubby out of that skip bag! x

  3. We have been having a good tidy out too. I have sorted out our wardrobe in the bedroom and had a move around and repaint. It feels good to declutter. I had exactly the same Sony tape deck that brought back happy memories, playing music in my bedroom with my mates. And I haven’t had angel delight in forever! Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

    • Oh I have so many memories of my listening to music in my bedroom with my mates too! Life was much more simple then!!

  4. I have not had angel delight for years! I used to love it when I was a kid, I will have to buy some for my children to try. I so need a big clear out like you had, my utiliy room cupboard and shed are full of stuff we probably don’t need x

  5. Love angel delight!! You’ve done amazingly clearing out all that in one weekend…what are your plans now for the space??!!

    • It’s so tasty isn’t it!! Hubby would love a man cave….I want an extension with a utility room!!

  6. I have done four tip runs in the last week with bags of rubbish. I haven’t even tackled the loft yet!!!

  7. Dean of Little Steps Reply

    Looks like you guys have had a busy and productive weekend. I have yet to declutter! Our loft in our old house looked exactly like that too. And btw, that painting doesn’t look too bad 🙂

    • It felt like a very good job done having a clear out, garage and loft look so much better now. Thanks for the painting comment, parts of it are lovely!!

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