Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together. Just a bunch of normal family life pictures!

Another pretty wet weekend but we still managed to get out and about. We had no plans this weekend which was nice as we could just chill and relax. 

A BIG Thank You to the people have watched my videos. It means everything to me. I am vlogging my weekends too so please take a little watch and feel free to subscribe to my channel to keep up with us. 

Saturday 27th January 

Ahhh a lay in! Saturday is no clubs morning so we don’t have to get up early if we have nothing planned. So Gus makes the most of a quiet morning! 

A tiny tiny small window of no rain….time to get out for a walk. 

Lunchtime! You may think what is so special about baked beans?! Lily LOVES baked beans, and we all hate them!!! I think we are the only ones in the world who hate baked beans!!

So we had Corned Beef Sandwiches that A Mummy Too made. I think we did quite a good job!

So a chill out afternoon getting jobs done and kids playing. The girls love hubbys scalextric but it takes up their whole room floor space! 

Easy dinner in front of the TV with the kids, a lovely Saturday evening.

Sunday 28th January  

Normal swimming lessons morning, the girls are trying super hard to move up classes! 

Life At Cooks Cabin recommended a walk in The New Forest – Shatterford. It is a lovely walk, peaceful and open with lots of puddles for the kids. 

We came prepared. With hot dogs! Keeps little people going on the walk, and means we can head off out at lunchtime and not lose the short afternoons. 

Sofia loves being outdoors, loves stomping through the mud, puddles and grasses!

You take a picture of me and you can have one too Mum! How I am found with a camera around my neck hanging with my Camp Bestival lanyard! 

Funny looking through the photos taken. Here is one that got taken my mistake when on the timer…..girls having a pose!!


My little tribe stomping through the puddles

Avocado Brownies, they were very yummy and very healthy too.

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  1. I love no plan days….they often turn out the best….although I can’t say we get lie ins!!!

  2. I love this idea of our weekend in pictures! Inspiration! I need to hear more about these avocado brownies! #GetMooreFromLife

    • Thank you, they were SO yummy! Theres a link in the post to them if you fancy trying them out

  3. Another fun filled weekend. Your girls always seem so happy and full of fun. Lovely vlog. Thank you for linking up to #PointShoot

    • Thank you, they are very happy girls. Very rarely are they grumpy which is lovely to have around you.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely weekend. Eliza has just gone up a swimming class-means more time hanging around for me though

  5. Wow, indeed such a great weekend for you and your family. I love that you also include your furr baby in your outdoor activities. I never thought of that avocado brownies but it seems good too. Will look forward on your more videos!

    • Oh yes he can’t be left out of ANYTHING! He loves his photo being taken too!

  6. I love the idea of this post, so lovely to look back on. It looks like you had a wonderful weekend and those Avocado Brownies look incredible!

    Ami xxx

  7. I have never equated avocado and brownies together but as someone who does like brownies it looks rather scrumptious. Bonus points for being healthy as well!

    • Yes I was very surprised how lovely they were! Kids are enjoying them in their lunchboxes

  8. I love how the dog nips in for a cuddle and is happy to pose for the photo. Can I come to your house next weekend please? I haven’t had corned beef butties in years they look amazing! #PointShoot

    • Nor have we! I saw them on Instagram and thought I must have those! Kids are having them this week in their lunchboxes!

  9. Looks like you had a fab weekend , those avocado brownies look amazing ! I need some in my life !

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