Our weekend in pictures, a little diary of what we get up to at the weekends together.

Just a bunch of normal family life pictures.

Saturday 7th April 

We had visitors down from Wiltshire today. Kevs Mum and Auntie came down for the day today as we took a trip to Kettle and Cake for coffee and cake. 

It was back to dog agility today for Tyler and Gus. They haven’t been since January and Gus was more than ready!!!  

Take a look at them here! 

Sunday 8th April 

I was terrible with pictures today. We have had quite a few busy weekends recently and we needed to stop. So once swimming run was done we all chilled out around the house. 

Although I gave the girls the task of changing their beds and sorting through their teddies! They have so many teddies that some needed to go. Although it is me that doesn’t like getting rid of teddies!!!

Lily loves playing with the filters on my phone! 

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  1. I love meeting up with family and friends over a nice cuppa and cake.
    I need to clear out my teddy collection too

  2. A friend of mine does agility classes with her dog and she loves it. It looks like great fun and good exercise for dog and handler too!

    • Oh it’s so surprising how much it makes you run and get out of breath! Great exercise!

    • Thanks, it’s been a lovely few days, don’t want hubby to go back to work!

    • Yes there is so many memories attached to them isn’t it! They have got rid of ones I don’t want them to!!

  3. I would be all over that hot chocolate in the pictures lol. Great to see you’ve had such a fantastic week.

  4. So good to get Tyler and Gus back into their agility, they both love it sooo much 🙂 You were brave getting the girls to sort through their teddies, if I ever even suggest this the world ends, and sometimes I have to do it covertly…sssshhhhhh!

  5. Aww wow what a lot of teddy bears! My daughter has just got to the age where she loves lining them up and throwing a tea party 🙂

    • Yep mine have so many that they fall off the bed during the night as they line them up!

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