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Saturday 21st July 2018

Next weekend is Tylers birthday, but we decided to do his celebration with some of his friends the weekend before. Good excuse to get him helping with the housework so he can have a sleepover down here!!

Whilst Kev is still doing the patio, well here he is making a new little planter like the big ones. 

We dropped off the girls at my parents house so me and Kev could take Tyler on our own. It’s not often he gets our attention! 

I got the bowling tickets online as an offer and they came with a drink each for each game. We sat away from them all and left them to it the whole time. It was so funny seeing them all going up to the bar and getting their drinks (soft drinks!) it was a flash into the future!! 

I asked them if I could get this shot before hand and they were great sports and let me capture it! Once you start taking photos you can’t help but see perfect photo opportunities.  

We went out for dinner, but we sat on the other side of the restaurant to them. Let them order their dinner, main and dessert…..expecting that 4 teenage boys I would be expecting a huge bill! Not at all, they all didn’t even want pudding!!! 

This was mine though, I didn’t hold back!! 

Whilst I dropped them all back home, picked up the girls and left Tyler and one of his friends to it for a sleepover. Kev got on and filled this section of the patio. It was finally cooler and much easier to work in for him. One section down, another two to go!

Sunday 22nd July 2018

After a late night with the boys sleepover (seeing how late they could stay up!) I was tired out today! Although I am not sure Sofia was the favourite person coming down to the lounge and waking them up to feed dobby! 

I think the breakfast made up for it though! 

So not many photos taken as we were struggling in the heat to do anything in the garden. We’ve got a deadline and it’s getting closer but this heat is unbearable when trying to do anything in it.  

I spent a while sorting out selling these lot! This is all the slabs that Kev has taken up from the patio. I listed them up on Facebook marketplace and they sold by the end of the day! Everyone has collected them Monday, so if you have any hanging around, get them sold! 

I am sorry my weekends are so boring at the moment! We have so much to do and a deadline with the garden that it is taking priority at the moment.  

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  1. I’ve never managed to sell anything on Facebook marketplace! But well done you. Sounds like a great birthday treat, meal and sleepover. I hope mine are as reserved if they ever do the same xx

  2. Looks like you’re having a fabulous summer holiday so far! Suddenly craving onion rings after seeing your dinner pic!

  3. Looksl ike the boys had a fun time, they do look grown up standing at the bar, LOL! But I bet they didn’t enjoy being woken up early the next morning!

  4. Ah it must be scary to see your son ordering his own drinks and food etc, but you must be so proud. My eldest is nearly 10, and I know I am going to struggle to know how much independence to let him have x

  5. Your garden is looking fabulous! Great idea to leave the boys to it at bowling and dinner but keep an eye from the distance. They must have felt so grown up but safe too. Also you are very cool for the breakfast offering! Im taking tips for when J is older!

    • It was lovely for them to be able to do stuff together, a little flash into the future!

  6. Aww your garden is looking so lovely – I really want to get our garden looking smarter 🙂

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