When we moved in together we went out and bought the obligatory wooden knife block set from the local department store to give us a selection of knives to use.

At the time you don’t realise how important a decent set of knives are, how it can make life so much easier.

Our old set of knives were hard to use, blunt and had got so bad you couldn’t even call them a knife!

Having a hatred of knives and being scared to use them, I would grimace every time I used them, worried I was going to cut myself (silly really as they were so blunt!) but as they were so rubbish they mad cutting things really difficult.

So when I was contacted and asked if I would review the Ozeri Ceramic 3 piece knife set, I was over the moon. It meant I could throw out the wooden knife block and get some proper knives!

I was really impressed with the quality Ozeri frying pan I had previously reviewed so had high expectations of the Ozeri knife set.

When they arrived you could see what good quality these knives were and I was keen to try them out.


Included in the set is a

3″ paring knife

5″ slicing knife

6″ chef’s knife

They are all boxed up in a foam mould which is good for storage.

The first difference with these knives is that they are 100% ceramic. Ceramic is an eco-friendly material that will not corrode or rust.Is close in hardness to diamonds and preserves its sharpness 10 times longer than steel blades.

The only downside is they don’t hang on my new magnetic knife stripe!


They have ergonomic handles which are comfortable to hold, makes chopping easier and means they are more comfortable if you use them to make large meals which involves a lot of cutting.

They are super lightweight and so easy to use.

Having said earlier that I was scared of knives, well I am not scared of these ones! They are 1000% sharper than my previous knives but you can cut things! You can cut them with ease, no struggling and no worries that the knife is going to slip. I know that when using these knives I can cut through food with no problems.

I have taken a video to show you how easy it is to cut up this pepper, we used the 5″ slicing knife.

These knives are a fantastic addition to any kitchen, they are useful AND stylish.

I am so happy to have a decent set of knives in our house that makes preparing family dinners so much easier and safer for me to use.

You can purchase these knives on Amazon for ยฃ49.99 (at the time of this review) which I do think for 3 knives this is good value. The fact that they last longer than your normal steel knives they offer more value.

* I was sent these knives free of charge for the purpose of these reviews but all opinions are my own honest views.

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  1. I was recently given a set of knives and the difference in quality to my own is quite remarkable. It really is worth investing in a decent set (or adding them to your wedding list).

  2. They look really great! I know what you mean about being scared of knives…..I am scared of our rubbish knives too….

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