We’re very lucky where we live and have some lovely country parks near us. Royal Victoria Country Park in Netley, Hampshire is one of our favourites. It’s got a lot there and is a great place to visit if you don’t want somewhere that is too wet and muddy. 

Over the past few years, there has been some changes and new additions to the country park, including an amazing play area that caters for all ages, including the older ones. I was shocked to look back over the blog when I wrote about it when it first opened that it was built in 2014! It still looks pretty new and my kids still love it. 

Then summer last year they opened the newly renovated chapel which you can visit and go up to the top to see the views from up high! 

This Spring Royal Victoria Country Park has opened its new Fair Ways Fairy Garden.

Sadly a very large 140-year-old cedar tree had to be felled due to disease. Instead of cutting it down and then it being forgotten about, they got a super talented sculptor to completely transform the trunk! 

It isn’t until you get up close to it that you realise just how much they have done and the detail in it. It also makes a great picture posing area!!! 

It’s so big they have to climb up the side of it!! 

It’s in a place that you probably haven’t paid any attention to when you’ve visited previously! Head down towards the water and it’s signposted in a field near the water. 

They’ve made the most of the tree that had to be cut down too by making a table to sit at with a wizard to keep you company!

Then stepping stones to walk along!

It’s a lovely little area in Royal Victoria Country Park to take the kids to, and we were pretty blown away by the work that has gone into this too. 

You can see some progress pictures on Fair Ways website who sponsored the project, there was a lot of tree to work with! 

Royal Victoria Country Park 



  1. What a gorgeous place to visit, I am about 2 hours from Southampton so definitely want to visit this country park.

  2. I love this, looks like a fab day out. Any excuse to get out in the fresh air is a good thing to me.

  3. alexandra cook Reply

    what a peaceful looking place, I suddenly want to go there to take a rest lol

  4. What a lovely place to visit! I’ve heard there’s a fairy garden near Edinburgh, but while it’s easy to get to by care it takes over an hour on public transport so we’ve never been.

  5. what a trully fantastic plac to take whole family too !! it looks as if you guys had a lot of fun and i love how everything is so beautifully carved out

  6. Oh wow, that is amazing. Those sculptures are stunning and how great is it that they didn’t completely cut that tree down

  7. Oh what a gorgeous place to visit! My daughter would absolutely love this – what a lovely place to explore I will make a note of this for when we are next down that way.

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