Well haven’t we had fun the past two weeks! Rusty the future Hearing Dogs puppy has been with us 2 weeks now and he is a character!! I haven’t had much time to do anything other than play and look after him! I have made sure I have taken lots of photos of our 2 weeks with him, so this post is very photo heavy but hope you enjoy!

I am amazed on how well he has settled in, the kids love him and have learnt their rules really well and are looking after him well.

He settles well in his crate……………….


Enjoys his playtime in a cardboard box……..


Loves cuddles with his big ‘brother’…….


Looks very cute sleeping……..


Been running around the garden………..


The most exciting thing was going on my first trip to the countrypark with my family……I loved it and cannot wait until I can get down!

IMG-20130826-WA0006 IMG-20130826-WA0007

Then I had some water fun on a hot day!! I will say we held the spray in one place and allowed him to approach himself, if he wanted!! which he did and kept coming back for more!!!

P1100606 P1100692

Jumped in and out of buckets of water!! (Again his choice!!)

I met the furry things that live with us too, gosh they are quick!! I soon learnt to leave them alone.


Played with strange cold things…..

Chilled out and played games……one day I may pick up the controller and join in!!


Learnt ‘sit’ excuse my sandy nose, I have been sniffing about with the play sand on the floor!!


I can do ‘down’


I ‘come’ when my mum calls, mum is very proud of me and thinks I am very clever!!


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I went to Southsea Kite Festival and saw all these things flying in the air!! I loved it though and sat happily and people watched on the picnic rug

20130825_135047 IMG-20130826-WA0002

We went shopping for ‘nanas’ new suitcase and the lovely ladies let me go down on the floor in the shop!20130825_155655    20130825_155511

My ‘sisters’ thought they would keep me company down there too!!

I went to the duck pond and watched those funny things floating in the water….I really wanted to join them!


We hid in the corn fields and watched the sheep in the fields……..

20130824_151758 20130824_154719

and to finish my 2 weeks off I went to a duck race, they didn’t look like the ones I saw before but there was lots of people watching them and they couldn’t help but give me some fuss too!!

20130826_143711 20130826_143720

I hope you like all the photos of Rusty’s first 2 weeks with us, he has been a pleasure to have and I cannot wait until he is all jabbed up and ready to get out and about. He is so confident and he is going to love exploring so many new things. He is desperate to get down on his own 4 paws and have fun!


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