We are really getting the the Halloween mood here! We have decorated the house with spiders and bats, made Vampire Blood Fizz and now we’re playing spooky board games.

We have been sent two really fun games from Megableu to try out and get us in the spooky mood.

Creepy Hand


First one we tried was Creepy Hand, this is based on the truth or dare game. The electronic hand walks around the table finding it’s next victim! Then once it has stopped it points it’s creepy hand finger up at them!

The kids loved the unexpectedness of this game, never knowing if it was going to be them that got picked or what was going to happen next!


Once you are picked you pick up a card and choose ‘Truth or Dare’, as this is from 7+ the truths are all good fun and the dares are funny ones! Daddy ended up skipping around the room and pretending to be a lion!!

This is a proper fun family game that pleased adults and children and it gave us all giggle!

Priced at around £25 it is a normal price for a board game, however I like the fact that this one is such a family game.


Ghost Hunt Evolution

The second game we played was Ghost Hunt Evolution , this is not a traditional board game but very fun!


You have a gun and a funny green guy, the object of the game is to shoot the bats and ghosts that are projected onto the walls,

You have to play this game in the dark to get the full effect, his head spins around, projects the light shapes onto the walls for you to shoot with your gun.

It does take 7 batteries all together, split between the gun and green man. It did takes us a little while to set up but I think it was because we weren’t using batteries that were 100% charged up.


We set it up on the landing as it gave us lots of walls for it to be projected onto, popped on the glasses and set it to easy mode!!


The gun makes sound effects as you are using it and also has a counter so you know how many times you hit the shapes. 1 point for a ghost and 3 points for a bat, whoever gets the highest score wins.

This game can be played with just 1 person which is good, however we all played it and both the adults and kids loved it.

Priced around £30 it is again around the normal board game price and I do think it is worth it as we really really enjoyed this game, it was so much fun. I have never seen any games like this before so it was a big hit with us.

*We were sent these games for the purpose of this review, however all words are honest and of my own.

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  1. oh we have both pf these and thisnk they are just absolutely brilliant too. Really different

  2. My son has seen the Ghost Hunt Game advertised on TV. He thinks it looks great so may be in his collection soon!

  3. Love your video. My OH won’t play any games, so I’m relying on taking our games to a halloween party at the weekend, and getting the nephews and niece round – they’ll love the truth or dare one. Mind you, we’ve all had fun playing the laser ghost hunt game (not very successfully, but it’s great fun) #triedtested

  4. I have seen the creepy handy one on another blog. It looks really good. When Matthew is a bit older I might get this. Thanks for linking up to #Halloweenlinky Week 3 is live now.

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