Do you feel you can keep on top with your cleaning? Or feel it’s a running battle all the time? If so come and see what these bloggers do to help them keep on top of the cleaning. 

Vileda recently asked me to share how I manage my cleaning with a busy lifestyle as I am a Mum to 3 children. A 13 yr old son and twin girls who are coming up 9 and dog Mum to a very hairy and mud attracting dog! I need all the help I can get with keeping on top of the cleaning. 

If you know me in real life you will know that cleaning is not my forte! I am never going to have a sparkling clean house all the time and I don’t put that pressure on myself either. Bathrooms and kitchens are your main rooms to keep clean and for me I need to keep on top of my floor cleaning. 

Floor cleaning is a never ending job in this house, and vacuuming is something I do every day due to the dog and kids. Or using a broom like the Vileda 3 action broom for a quick sweep up is a good option too. When it came to floor washing I needed something that was quick and easy to do. 

Look at these muddy paw prints I get on my kitchen floor daily during the winter! 

So recently I started using the Vileda 1-2 Spray Mop to clean my floors. The *Vileda spray mop is so easy to use as it comes with a microfibre pad that poppers onto the mop and this can be popped in the washing machine to clean. It is so easy and it can be stored ready to use next time, only refilling when you run out. It makes washing the floor so quick and easy.

So MY biggest tip is Find Products That Make The Job Quick and Easy . Find a product that makes your job as quick and easy as possible. Anything that involves too much prep or unpacking too many products just makes me put it off! 

Making a better cleaning routine is something I want to improve though and I am always open to new ideas. So I wanted to reach out to the blogging community to find out what their tips are and how I could improve. 

Tips For Juggling Cleaning With A Busy Lifestyle 

  •  I get the kids to help and give them little jobs, they are 3 and 4 and love it! We put the music on and go on a mini mission
  • Plan things around nap times and food times, develop a schedule of when you do things such as vacuuming in the morning and before the kids to go bed, it’s all about balance and planning
  • I only manage to clean when my toddler watches Peppa Pig. Now that he’s 2, he can watch it for 1 hour without stopping whereas before, he wouldn’t even stay for 10 minutes. The baby sleeps more so that’s easy, but if he’s awake, I’ll put him in the high chair and give him snacks to keep him busy.
  • I got myself a cleaner!! Now I get to pretend I’ve got it all together and am nailing motherhood
  • I always found it more helpful to drop my kids around to my parents for a couple of hours one afternoon a week. That meant I could blitz the cleaning and had a bit of peace. Now they’re at school, they can tidy their own rooms when I clean downstairs.
  • Declutter first! it makes for far less to clean
  • Never underestimate the power of a baby wipe! They are great for picking up dust! I’m not sure my mother would approve though
  • I try to break everything down in to short 5 minute tasks and aim to tick a few off each day so it doesn’t seem overwhelming.
  • Multi task! Clean as you do other things, for example whilst the kids are in the bath happily playing I’ll clean the toilet and bathroom! Https://
  • Know your tidying and cleaning style. Once I have a place for everything, and those places are easily accessible like open topped containers, tidying [and therefore cleaning] is so much easier. It’s only taken me 40 years to figure this out. Haha.
  • It’s all about teamwork in our house! While my other half does the big shop with the toddler, I speed clean the house. Teamwork makes the dream work!!
  • Have cleaning sprays and wipes all over the house, upstairs and downstairs so that they’re always to hand for the odd spare minutes
  • Make good use of the magic hour – the hour you get up earlier than anyone else in your house and have a limited time to do whatever you need to do. 5-6am is my most productive time.
  • My little girl hates the noise from vacuum cleaner so when she sees it she grabs her tablet and sits on the sofa. That gives me about ten minutes to have a quick tidy up. For bigger cleans her dad takes her out for a bit x
  • I try to entertain my little one with busy bags, we have plastic envelopes with activities like felt boards, jigsaws and colouring in, my little girl loves to help clean and has her own mini hetty to match mine but if she gets bored I try to give her an envelope or two in the room I’m in so she can play happily whilst in view xx
  • Keep on top of it in the week! I try to do little jobs like emptying the bins and keeping worktops clean. I can do the bigger jobs quickly at the weekend then. It doesn’t seem like there’s that much left to tackle!

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    • I had trying to clean all around everything, always takes twice as long doesn’t it!

  1. Where kids {and dog} are concerned cleaning is often a painful job but when I was young it was always a team effort, mum put us to work and it was fun helping her

    • Its a great idea, everyone has to learn to clean so they might as well help too

  2. I loved my Vileda 1-2 spray mop in the UK. But it’s so expensive to buy here in Portugal that I’m back with a traditional mop which I hate!

  3. I love mops like this and they make it so much easier to keep on top of cleaning hardwood floors and tiles! We hired a cleaner to visit once every two weeks, she is absolutely wonderful and has become a great family friend now as well! I love having a good natter with her over tea now!

    • Ah I love that idea of having a cleaner who then becomes a friend! I can imagine how much cleaning they get done in the time they have at your house too.

  4. Your floor tiles are amazing. What is it with dogs and muddy paw prints? Handy mop too especially for a small home

    • Yep it’s perfect to get the floor cleaned quickly! Thanks they are Harvey Maria flooring

  5. Great post. Looks very handy and convenient! I deaf could use one of these, we use vileda, but we have the standard bucket mop you ring out. I’ll look out for this one! 🙂

    • They are great aren’t they, I keep trying to declutter but it all magically appears again!!!

  6. That spray mop looks amazing. 🙂 My house always seems to resemble a junk yard. However, I manage the cleaning by having a solid morning routine involving the 3 oldest kids… funnily enough my husband always makes a quick exit to work! Haha!

  7. Love this! Can’t wait for the day I can allocate Jasmine jobs, unfortunately she’s only 4 months! Love your floor by the way!

    • Haha! Ahh shame you can’t get her helping out at that age! They are very unhelpful that age…..a big distraction!

  8. I need that spray mop in my house!! Muddy paws are the bane of my life. Some great tips too. My mother used to blitz the housework every Saturday morning but I’m more of a half an hour every day person. When I’ve finished vacuuming the dog hairs that is.

    • Oh I have never thought about saving it up for a certain day and getting it all done in one go. The spray mop is so easy and quick to use.

  9. Great tips. I can sympathise as a mother to three boys and also twins ! Living in a white home I am always asked how I keep it so clean. Sadly, its just an obsession. xx

  10. Oooh, I’m loving that spray mop, and as I have the same flooring as you in my high traffic area (hallway) it looks like the perfect one for me. Oh and pawprints in this wet weather are such a pain!

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