Being a Mum of 3 kids means there is always a lot of mess created! We have my 12yr old son who has got the small 3rd bedroom, and my twin girls who share their bedroom. So between them there isn’t a lot of room to be messy!

Downstairs isn’t a space where they can store toys either, so they have everything in their bedrooms. When we did the girls bedroom, I was able to start from fresh, and design the room to the best we could for storage options, and things that would work well in the space. So I thought I would give you my ideas on how I keep the kids room tidy.

I am always on the look out for ways to keep my kids room tidy, so I listened to many other Mums ideas on how they keep their kids room tidy. We can all help each other out!

With their new bedroom, I wanted to give them lots more storage, and this seems one of the most important ways to keep the kids rooms tidy. So we invested in some IKEA beds with large storage draws underneath, but also they pull out into another bed. So this meant we could pull them out for sleepovers, and when Kevs Mum when she stays too. Brilliant space saving solution! 

Here they are with their friends, they had a big sleep over and 5 of them in one room! Great fun! 

Clothes and Toy Storage 

However storage beds wouldn’t give them enough storage alone, so we purchased two triple wardrobes, and added in storage boxes for toys, underwear and PJ’s.  Please excuse the mess, the girls haven’t quite got the hang (no pun intended!) of hanging clothes on a hanger, and squeezing it in between other clothes properly yet!

I am always on the look out for ways to keep my kids room tidy, so I listened to many other Mums ideas on how they keep their kids room tidy. We can all help each other out!

We also have a ‘what to wear hook‘ which hangs the items they are wearing the next day, school uniform during the week, and I hardly ever find uniform on the bedroom floor now! So cheap and easy to make as well! 

What to wear hooks

Book Storage 

The next thing storage option in the girls bedroom was for their books. They had lots of books that would be forgotten about when they were stored in boxes. So we invested in shelving for the books, top shelf for storing, and the bottom picture ledge shelf for the library books (not easy to lose!) and books they are currently reading. 

I am always on the look out for ways to keep my kids room tidy, so I listened to many other Mums ideas on how they keep their kids room tidy. We can all help each other out!

This has worked really well, and they are reading much more, and a larger range of books too. 

Desk Storage 

The desk has been great source of storage too, they can store all their paper, colouring items, pencils and crafty bits. The little storage drawers on the top are storing all their hair items, and hair brushes. 

I am always on the look out for ways to keep my kids room tidy, so I listened to many other Mums ideas on how they keep their kids room tidy. We can all help each other out!

List of everything in their room can be found on the twin girls bedroom reveal blog post if you are interested. 

*The Duvets were sent to us by Room To Grow, and feature this beautiful appliqued butterfly pattern all over them. They are so soft to snuggle up under too, my girls love them! 

I also teamed up with a great list of bloggers who came up with their own ideas on how to keep the kids room tidy. I hope you get some more tips and ideas too! 

Other Bloggers Ideas On How To Keep The Kids Room Tidy

  • Storage bags and boxes are an absolute god send to keep toys together and tidy. We also have a reward chart to encourage them to keep it tidy. Twinderelmo 
  • We had a massive clearout last year and try to keep the amounts of toys to a minimum! I bought an old fashioned set of school drawers that used to be in an art classroom – the drawers are shallow so perfect for all my daughters arts and crafts things and paper. Aside from that ensuring that Lily keeps her room clean and tidy as she will get in trouble otherwise! Better Together Home 
  • Lots and lots of storage! Make IKEA your best friend! Glossy Tots  
  • We have a 10 minute tidy as part of bedtime routine – it used to be once per week but we hoped it to every night. Get the kids involved in being g responsible for their own room. North East Family Fun  
  • My biggest tip is storage boxes! That and kon Mari the clothes. Daises and Pie  
  • We have storage boxes under the bed, so we can rotate the toys in there and in their toy boxes. We also have lots of toy boxes. The children also know we have a rule to put one thing away before getting another thing out-and bedrooms must be tidy before bed. Mayflower Blogs  
  • Make a song and game out of it. Remember Mary Poppins? It really works!!! Tippy Tupps 
  • My daughter is great at getting alllll her toys out and not so good at putting them away, unless i say “lets see who can be the winner” – I’ve never seen her move so fast. Before I know it ALL the lego is back in the box and she is revelling in her victory. My evil plan works every time lol  Real Mum Review 
  • If an Xbox game isn’t in its case or in the console it goes in the bin….. he doesn’t know if I would or not but doesn’t risk it lol works for games but nothing else yet…hes 11 I’m working on plans for other items but that’s the main issue anyway! Just Average Jen 
  • I just shut the door on it. It’s enough effort keeping the rest of the house reasonable, if my daughter really wants her room a mess I let her: it’s her space. Counting To Ten
  • I try and set an example to my kids, by decluttering my own stuff and keeping family rooms as tidy as I can. It’s really starting to have a positive effect on my daughter. I wrote about my recent decluttering here and no.2 shows how my daughter is joining in, too. The Daisy Pages  
  • My kids (10 and 8) get pocket money put on their Go Henry cards once a week ONLY if their bedrooms are sufficiently tidy on Thur evening (night before payment). I have been know to stop the pocket money to prove I’m serious! It works and at least for one night a week their rooms are a little bit acceptable! Pack The Pj’s  
  • Right now my son is 5 and I still help him with it. I’m trying to make it part of his routine that it gets tidy before he can have his bedtime story each night. Nomipalony  
  • Having too much stuff is the main reason it’s hard to keep their bedrooms tidy here. We used to have a one you in, one toy out policy which worked great when they were little. Now I’ve just crammed as much storage as I can in so if they can’t keep it tidy they can at least hide a lot of it away in storage boxes. Frugal Family 
  • Clear plastic boxes for each type of toy. One set has to be packed away before another box is opened. The Scandi Mummy 
  • Plenty of storage seems to work for us, particularly the Ikea Kallax units. Each set/type of toy has its designated box. We also make sure that everything is tidied away before another toy is brought out. Mums The Nerd
  • Storage and regular clear outs. We also have a rule in our house that all toys have to be tidied away before bedtime. Laura Summers 
  • IKEA Boxes! These are great for just chucking everything in and keeping things out of site. And floating shelves for books are great. Me and B Make Tea  
  • Limiting the amount of toys in the rooms really helps. Having an IKEA soft toy hanging net is great for keeping soft toys at bay too! Monkey and Mouse 
  • We have all of the toys in the playroom so their actual bedrooms only have a small number of toys in which go in a toybox. Their clothes are a different matter, the girls will easily empty their wardrobes in an early morning fashion show, all before I have even woken up! We have resorted to a high rail wardrobe so the can’t reach as many things! Five Little Doves 
  • If you have a loft, rotating toys works beautifully! Simply keep toys in boxes or large bags and every 6 months, rotate them. So when the soft toys or Playmobil go in the loft, the LEGO or barbies can come down etc. Having the toys for a limited amount of time means they actually want to play with what they have and there’s always a bit of novelty when you take something out of the loft. Le Coin De Mel  
  • We have one set of drawers that are too heavy for the kids to open so we store loads in there and simply rotate toys into their playroom. There’s much less to have to tidy up there. They have a minimum number of toys in their rooms but it’s their job to keep the room tidy. If they don’t then we simply don’t do anything until things are neat. By always picking up things as they go along It never really builds up badly. Edinburgh With Kids

Thanks to all the bloggers who put their suggestions forward, great ideas! 

*We were sent the duvets to feature on my blog, however all words are honest of my own. 

I am always on the look out for ways to keep my kids room tidy, so I listened to many other Mums ideas on how they keep their kids room tidy. We can all help each other out!




  1. I agree, IKEA storage boxes are awesome. I love the idea of a hook to keep out the next day clothes. Did you make this yourself?

  2. Boxes are a dream when it comes to kids rooms! They can decorate them and make them their own, to ensure that tidying becomes fun. You wouldn’t think that it works, but it does! I think teaching them to be responsible for their own room is important at a young age, and parents should rarely give in to tidying their childrens’ rooms. Soon they will learn to be organised or disorganised, and as long as they put their washing out, then there’s no need for mum to step into the bombsite anymore when they become slightly older!

    • I taught my little ones to put their dirty clothes in the washing basket from a very young age, it does work!

  3. Interesting post. I am always looking for ideas to get my children to tidy their own room. Lobe the duvets my girls would love them I’m sure!

  4. What a lovely room, I love the pattern on their duvet covers! You definitely need plenty of storage space when you have kids haha. We have those picture ledges too and they’re fab! x

    • The duvets are so pretty aren’t they, but the picture ledges for their books have transformed how much they read now.

  5. What a fab article, me and my daughter went through her drawers and wardrobe and sorted all her clothes into ‘outfits’- that way shes doesnt have to rummage through her drawers to find something to wear.

    • That’s a great idea, I often think I have lots of items of clothes but not proper outfits.

  6. Some fabulous ideas. My daughter is the worst for keeping things tidy and it drives me insane. We are working on how we can get enough storage space in to a small bedroom so hopefully this may help x

  7. Oh my gosh, the kids rooms drive me nuts!! More than that it’s the ‘I’ll just drop this here where I stand’ nature of their untidiness that drives me insane!

    • I don’t know how they can just think like that…..I’ll drop it here until I need it!!

  8. Great post. We live in a smallish house and space is an issue. I am currently decluttering to make more room as with 5 of us in here we seem to accumulate a mass of items that we don’t use.

  9. Great tips! With four children I am constantly tidying bedrooms, it’s so time consuming! I love the what to wear pegs, I’m going to get some of those!

  10. Fantastic post this. It’s a 24/7 mission to try and keep an teenagers bedroom tidy these days!

  11. Rachel @ The Daisy Pages Reply

    What a helpful article, I especially love the “what to wear hooks” – I might have to try this in our home x

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