A little while ago I was tagged by the lovely Becki at The Mum From Brum to join in with the #RockingMotherHood tag. This challenge is to take a step back, be positive and celebrate the reasons why I am rocking motherhood! I know I am far too harsh on myself when it comes to parenting, I focus on the negatives, and don’t praise myself for coping alright. 

If you are new to my blog, I am a Mum to 3 kids, Tyler who is nearly a TEENAGER (how has that happened!) and Lily and Sofia who are 8 years old. They are my little surprises, as I never expected I would fall pregnant with twins! 

JD Williams

I’m Cool Having A Blog 

According to Tyler I’m pretty cool for having a blog, and even more so for having a YouTube account with videos added to it!! So I think if I can be cool to my teenage son then I will happily take that one! I feel very lucky to give them some experiences that they never would have had otherwise. Like being Legoland ambassadors, and going to press events with celebrities there too. Bless them though, they think I am a celeb too!!  


I try to be as compassionate as possible with them, I will stop and listen to their worries, and even when I can’t do much to help them, I try my best to give them suggestions and help to deal with it. 

We Get Out and Explore New Places 

I think it is so important to show kids as much as you can do, it helps their life skills, understanding of the world, how things work and exercising their brains. During the week at school they have to concentrate, work hard, behave, sit still and not get much time outside. So come the weekend it’s great for them to get out and explore, let rip and run! We love to explore new places, and even though we can’t afford to fly to some amazing places in this world. I know I can show you new places around them, and they love it. 

Firm But Fair 

I want my kids to be respectful of myself, and others around them. So I will be firm when needed, but I also will allow them to be kids, make mistakes, and learn from them.

Give Cuddles At Anytime 

No matter what I am doing my kids can always have a cuddle, I will never push them away, or say no when I am busy. My arms are always open for them. 

Always There For Them

Same as the above really, I will be there for them, always. If I think they have been unfairly treated, then I am not a happy Mummy and I will stick up for them! 

Survived Having Twins and An Older Child 

I survived the little twin years, and still bringing up an older one!! There was no laying in bed after a bad night with the twins, I had to be up and getting my eldest to school on time! 

Created Lovely Spaces For Them 

Our house needed completely renovating when we moved in, and the first thing we did was create spaces for them. Their bedrooms, and even cleared a jungle of a garden for the first summer, and installed a fantastic play area for them. Their friends love this space when they come over. 


I think it is so important for them to gain independence, as much as I would love for them to need me all the time, there is going to come a time where they need to stand on their own feet. I try to prepare them for steps in independence, so it isn’t such a shock when it comes to it. Tyler has coped well with the demands of secondary school so well, so I must have done something right! 

Giving Them The Opportunity To Do Something Selfless 

For 3 years we trained the Hearing Dog For The Deaf puppies, they stayed with us for around 12 months and we did all their training. We loved it, the puppies got us out exploring places, and lots of fun was had. However of course we had to hand them back, so they could complete their advance training. This was hard, but it taught them that it was so rewarding to do something for others, and that there was people out there who needed these dogs. They were worse off than we were, and life must be so much harder than ours, as we could hear. Last night Lily was chatting to me about the dogs we trained, and said to me 

Mummy I don’t mind we don’t see Rusty much, because Sophie has poorly ears, and Rusty helps her and makes her very happy 

How flipping cute is that, and she is 100% right. If you want to see Rustys story, go and check it out, you will need some tissues as it is a lovely story. 

So How Do You Rock Motherhood? As Mum’s lets start focusing on our achievements

I’m Tagging the following bloggers to take part in this challenge too 

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  1.  Thank the blogger that tagged you and link to their blog.
  2. List 10 things you believe make you a good mother (this is just a guideline. It can be more or less than 10. I really don’t mind.
  3. Tag bloggers to join in the #RockingMotherhood Tag.
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  1. That’s an amazing 10! While reading, I realised I could happily and proudly tick myself for most of them except the (twin bit and the Dog training bit, We may have done something else selfless, isn’t it!?, just can’t think of it now)!!! Only when we have time to sit and think what we did and do to our kids, we realise that “We are indeed SUPERMOMS”!

  2. This is such a great post. It’s important to remember all of the great things we do as parents!

  3. I loved this post! So often, we beat ourselves up about what we’re not doing right and this is so uplifting. Love the fact they think you’re cool having a blog. Mine are the same (for now hahaha). Let’s hope it lasts!

  4. I love this hashtag idea and definitely useful to stop and just appreciate everything that we accomplish rather than get ourselves down! You seem to be rocking motherhood!

  5. What a lovely list. Love that Tyler thinks you are cool having a blog – my teen doesn’t want including on mine, although my older ones are impressed with my social media followers. Training dogs must be such a rewarding thing to do

    • Thank you, yes it may come a time when he doesn’t want anything to do with it!

  6. Oh that’s so cute if your kids think you are a cool mom! I hope one day when I will have kids they will say the same! By the way, your garden looks so lovely!

  7. I haven’t seen this tag around around, its great though I may have to get involved myself. How amazing that you help train the hard of hearing dogs. They go on to do a fantastic job so well done you!

    • Thank you, it was super rewarding, see if one of the bloggers who I tagged will tag you, then you can join in too

  8. Great post!! I love this idea. We’re definitely all too hard on ourselves at times. I wonder how hard I’ll find it to think of 10 reasons

  9. Oh I love this! You are an amazing Mummy, this is such a lovely list! I did this a while ago and struggled to come up with anything, when I finally did I realised what a fab mummy I am!

    • Good, I’m glad you felt like that! So easy to focus on the negatives isn’t it

  10. If your kids think you’re cool for anything it sounds like you’re onto a winner. Glad they think you’re cool for having a blog!

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