Back in July 2020, I purchased the Dyson V10 Animal Vacuum Cleaner, I umm’d and ahhh’d over it as they’re pretty expensive for a vacuum, and would it be worth it. I looked at reviews myself and shopped around for the best price at the time, and decided to go for it. I purchased mine from Currys, which was a good price and I was able to click and collect it. 

Why Did I Get The Dyson V10 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

That very reason above!! Gus the Goldendoodle! He is a Golden retriever crossed Poodle and he shreds still, just not as much as the Golden Retrievers! So I needed a vacuum that could cope with his hair and also 3 children! If you have animals, I really do think it’s worth getting one that is for animals, as it’s designed to cope with the hairs. Also with 3 long-haired girls in the house, it’s great for picking up our own hair! 

Video Of The Dyson V10 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

What’s In The Box? 

The vacuum comes nicely packaged and easy to collect and carry. With all the attachments, battery, warranty information, wall mount, and the vacuum itself. 

It is very easy to put together, but you must charge up the battery fully before use. It even has a sticker on the battery to remind you to do this! 

With lights along the edge to indicate when you need to charge this up and once it’s fully charged. We have installed the wall-mounted bracket to the wall in the hallway, this is how it can be stored upright. It cannot be left standing on its own upright, so the bracket is great for this. 

It also means you can have it near a plug like this and have it charging whenever it’s not in use. Just pop it back in the bracket and it will start charging again. 

Cordless Dyson V10 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

I would never go back to a corded vacuum again, I love the fact that I can just pick this up and start vacuuming around the house. It’s lightweight at only 2.58kg, and neat enough to store easily in the bracket. 

It’s quite tall as you can see against me, so you would think it’s quite heavy but it’s not at all. I nip all around the house using this, and I have back issues and find vacuuming difficult. But this Dyson makes it very easy to use. 

Carpet After First Use Of The Dyson V10 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

The living room carpet came up really well after the first use, but I wasn’t able to use the maximum suction on this carpet, it just stuck to the carpet too much and wouldn’t move! But I did notice the pick-up was amazing with the max setting! There are 3 settings of suction and I have to use the minimum or at a push the medium one.

I filled up the 0.76 litre container very quickly, even on a lower setting. My old vacuum had broken, so was a bit of a build-up of hair and dirt on the carpet, but this happens consistently, and I do vacuum often. So it’s just fantastic at getting all the hair up off the floor. 

Emptying The Dyson V10 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

I hate vacuums that when it’s time to empty the container, it throws dust everywhere, makes a big mess and you have to pick out the mess from inside. But this Dyson doesn’t do that! You slide the red slider down and it opens the door at the bottom so the contents can just fall into the bin and it hardly ever leaves any in there to pick out. 

You see that hole on the side? That does sometimes get blocked up, but it’s easy to get to. When you empty the container, this plastic section moves downwards and you can fish out the dirt to remove the blockage. 

Movement and Edges 

I love a vacuum that gets into the edges and corners easily, and this larger attachment does that pretty well. On the join, there is a little ball, and this allows the neck of the Dyson to twist and move around. You can see this in my video I’ve made, but it allows you to move freely around the edges. It doesn’t get all the bits up like this, but you can change the attachment end to be able to get into all the corners and edges. But for a daily vacuum, it works really well. 

We’ve used this attachment on the end of the tube to do the stairs, which is great as I don’t need to bend down too far when vacuuming those. But also you can remove the tube, so you have a small handheld vacuum too. You just attach the attachment to the main section, and it becomes a handheld one! 

I found this attachment good for doing the skirting boards, with the brush to brush up the dust and get into the sections easily. 

Filter In The Dyson V10 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

It is very easy to clean out the filter in the Dyson V10 Animal Vacuum Cleaner. The end section by my hand twists off and you can rinse the whole thing under the tap to remove all the dust and dirt. Then leave to dry out fully before using again. It’s not fiddly at all. 

The filter light will flash when it gets really bad and needs cleaning out and it won’t pick up anything, so try to keep on top of cleaning it out to stop this from happening. 

Overall Thoughts On The Dyson V10 Animal Vacuum Cleaner

I LOVE IT! I am so glad I’ve spent out on this as it makes my life so much easier when it comes to housework and cleaning up. No need for a big and small handheld one as it does both. No need for cables as it’s powerful enough to cope with the dog hairs without the need for a cable, and I find it super lightweight to use and easy to charge up. 

I purchased mine from Currys but you can also pick it up from Amazon but keep an eye on the pricing. I did find you don’t really get many offers on the Dysons, so if you see any then make sure you grab it! Or maybe don’t forget to get your cashback from Quidco to get some money back on a large purchase. 



  1. I love our Dyson and the battery is still going strong 4 years later. I am eyeing up their new robot cleaner now though

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