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This tag has been created by One Frazzled Mum. It’s a nice way to do a little round up for 2018 and to have a positive post to start the year off.

If you would like to join in, this is all you need to do;

  • Your Favourite 7 Posts from 2018. They can be any posts at all that you are proud of.
  • 7 Things You Loved The Most About 2018. Whether you visited somewhere, or just had one of those moments you will never forget, if you loved it, list it!
  • 7 Things You Are Looking Forward to in 2019. Whether those plans are set in stone or you something you would like to do this year, share with us.
  • Tag 7 Bloggers to Take Part. Share the love and tag 7 others who would like to take part.
  • Say Thanks. Link back to the person who tagged you and/or myself so people know where to find the tag to join in too.

Here Are My Top 7’s for 2018

Top 7 Posts of 2018

Kite Flying 

To start the year off it’s my Kite Flying post. We headed off out to the New Forest for a walk and to try out the new kites. The children were all so happy flying them. Such a simple activity

Snow Day 

In March the UK was hit by the Beast from the East and it chucked a bucket of snow all over us. We hadn’t had snow like this in years and the twins couldn’t remember the snow last time. They were in the element, they loved it so much. We had a lovely family walk out to our local country park, it was stunning. 

I captured this photo of the twins which I loved and so did many of you as well. I created a vlog too which is so nice to capture these moments that don’t happen often here in the South of England! 

Center Parcs 

In June we took a long weekend to Center Parcs, the children love this place and it happened that the kids had an inset day fall together for once! We made the most of the cheaper Center Parcs price and had a long weekend at Longleat Center Parcs. We had such a lovely time together and I know people often hate the cost of it, but it’s the kid’s favourite place and I can see why! 

Center Parcs Longleat beachCenter Parcs Longleat aerial adventure

Philips Hue Outdoor Lighting 

After our holiday we had some work to do! The garden renovation was underway and I was working with a great brand on it too. This post was my biggest ever brand post that I’ve done on the blog and I tried so hard to make it successful and produce some great content. I was super pleased with what we produced together, me and Kev work well together! 

Philips hue smart outdoor lights in garden Philips hue smart outdoor lily spot lights with girl blowing bubble

Garden Renovation 

I had to keep the garden under wraps for the Philips post to be put out first but once I could publish it I was super proud of it. Everyone was so lovely about it too and we just love our new space so much. Roll on the summer when we can start using it again. Well, once the table has been replaced due to it being smashed in a storm!! 

Night Away In Windsor

September came around and we were gifted a lovely night away to Windsor Castle. It was Kev’s birthday. When we arrived the hotel was lovely but they had given us the most horrible room. I never complain but this time I did and we were given a lovely room instead. With a roll top bath which I had to make the most of for sure! We had a lovely peaceful time together and a nice trip around Windsor Castle. 

Coral Reef Waterworld 

We were invited along to a waterpark with Zoggs. It was about an hour away from home, but I knew the kids were going to love this place so much! With it only open to the people attending the event, they got lots of turns down the flumes and didn’t want to leave after the 2 hours! I also got to try out my new GoPro Hero 7 and made a fun video of our time there. 

7 Things I loved in 2018

  • Exploring lots of new places together, and seeing the kids smiling and enjoying them too. Including our first Christmas away from home to Scotland, such a beautiful place 
  • Seeing my 14yr old son growing up and making big decisions with such a grown-up attitude to it 
  • Getting our garden renovation finished and an outdoor space I’m proud of. 
  • Watching our little family growing together with Kev and loving him even more. 
  • Creating some photos and videos that I am proud of 
  • Seeing Sofia care and look after her new pet, a Bearded Dragon 
  • I have loved seeing Lily so happy with her best friend. Four years of being best friends it’s lovely to see how they are still so happy together and are really there for each other. 

7 Things I Am Looking Forward to in 2019

  • House improvements 
  • New places ticked off our list
  • Seeing Tyler’s confidence grow
  • My back pain getting better 
  • Trying to get life more organised 
  • Improving my photography and video skills
  • Easter holiday with our Friends to The Cotswolds  
I am tagging the following people to join in with me and it would be great to read your top 7’s too 




  1. Love this, I have done my top read posts but I really should do my top 7 as they are not always the most loved

  2. Clare Minall Reply

    Oh wow, I love the garden renovation. I feel like I need to have my own garden upgrade this year.

  3. This is such a cool tag! 2018 sounds like a good year for you, I really enjoyed reading your blog more, I can remember lots of thopse posts from your top 7 xx

    • Ah thank you very much, it’s lovely looking back. Glad to see you back commenting x

  4. That’s such a lovely idea for a post. I loved reading about your smart home this year and was highly impressed by everything you had installed! I would love to do kite flying with my 4. That’s something we’ve never done 🙂 Your Easter holiday with friends to the Cotswolds sounds dreamy. 🙂

    • Yes the house is very much smart homed now!! Your 4 would love it, such a simple cheap activity to do with them. Have a lovely 2019

  5. Wow, what a great year u had, hope 2019 is just as fun. I really want to visit a centre parks this year. It looks amazing.

    • The kids LOVE Center Parcs and it’s a brilliant family break. Thanks and hope your 2019 is great too

    • We tried to do that before we lost the warmth last summer, so hopefully more of that this year. Thank you

  6. What a lovely way to look back and appreciate the year just gone – you’ve had some fab times and here’s hoping 2019 will bring many more!

  7. Your garden looks incredible <3 And it looks like you had a fab 2018. I'll have to take part in the tag myself. Thank you 🙂

    Louise x

  8. Aww this is such a lovely way to look back on the year before! I love all the places you’ve visited and those summer pictures make me SO excited for sunshine again 🙂

    • I don’t mind sunny and cold, but hate grey winter days! But warm sunny days are perfect for getting out more aren’t they, roll on the summer!!

  9. Great list here! You can’t beat a bit of kite flying if the weather is up for it I always think! I’ve great memories of doing that with my parents as a kid!

    • Kids love it don’t they and once you’ve bought the kite it’s a free activity

  10. This is a lovely way to look back (and forward). You have done so many cool things and it looks like you have a lot to look forward to as well.

  11. I wish I had seen this earlier so I could have gotten involved! We love going to Centre Parcs as well – my kids call it the holiday home and I’m sure they still believe it’s a house we own LOL

    • Thank you, it’s been lovely to look back over the year. Hope you have a great 2018 too

    • Thank you very much, I can’t wait to the warmer weather and we can use the garden properly again

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