If you’re moving into a new home or have been living in yours for a while you may be thinking about updating the kitchen, you might need to update the kitchen on a budget and you’re here to find new ways you could do this. You might be surprised what little things you can do that make a difference, or you’re desperate for a big change.

10 Way Of Updating The Kitchen On A Budget

Changing The Kitchen Doors

Changing the kitchen doors and adding new kitchen cupboard doors may seem like a big upheaval, but it really isn’t. It’s such a simple way to make a really large impact on the room. If you were following me through our extension, you would have seen the kitchen company we used went into administration, and they delivered just the units, but they weren’t even the correct units, it was a right mess. A local kitchen company came to the rescue and sorted these all out for us, and we were left without any kitchen doors for about 3 months. 

As we had the units all sorted, we just needed new kitchen doors and it was great being able to pick whatever we wanted by this point. Replacement doors allow you to pick the style, shape of beading, and colours. You can have custom colours, custom sizes and basically choose from such a wide range of new kitchen doors. Replacement kitchen doors allow you to update your kitchen on a budget, but also give so many more options than you get when purchasing a full kitchen. 

Once those doors went on the kitchen though, it was amazing, and the colour in the room was so pretty. Kitchen doors make such an impact on the room, you can get them in so many colours and it’s fun to be brave!

Replace The Kitchen Worktops 

Again this may seem like a big one to do, but it’s such a simple replacement to update your kitchen on a budget. Don’t be put off by the upheaval of it either. As long as you have removed everything from the tops the worktop fitters can just swap the old and new over. We had Quartz worktops installed in our new kitchen, and it was the best choice for us as a family. It’s super practical and so hardwearing. 

As the worktops are a big surface area, they make a big difference to the room. If you have dark worktops and you are thinking of lightening up the room, adding a light worktop will make an instant difference to the room and lighten everything. 


Change up the flooring in your kitchen, again this is another large surface area that you see and once change you will see a big difference. When picking flooring in your kitchen, think about your family lifestyle and who lives in the house. We went around and around in circles with our flooring but loved the idea of solid wood flooring throughout the downstairs, which meant it would have to go into the kitchen. This isn’t the most practical type of flooring, but it looks lovely. There is so many different types of flooring you could update the kitchen on a budget with, like good quality vinyl flooring, luxury vinyl flooring, or tiles. 

Splashbacks and Tiling 

Another large surface area is the splashbacks and tiling in the kitchen. This can be done really easily on a budget, as places like Facebook marketplace is always full of people selling their leftover tiles from projects. Splashbacks aren’t deep, so don’t need many tiles to cover the areas. 

Mosaic tiles are really easy to install yourself as well, as they come on netting sheets that you can cut easily and just lay onto the walls with adhesive. That would save you some money going DIY to start updating the kitchen on a budget. 

Create A Pantry Cupboard 

I didn’t have space to have a full pantry, but I am thinking of updating one of my cupboards into a small well organised pantry. By doing this you’re giving a dedicated space for all the baking items, ingredients for cooking, dry foods, and tins. This means your kitchen will be better organised, tidier, and less cluttered. It will look better instantly. 


This then leads me to this option for updating your kitchen on a budget, give your kitchen a good declutter! Clear out all the cupboards and shelving and sort through it all. Take out all the out-of-date items, all the kitchen utensils you never use, the gadgets you never use, and pass them all on or get rid of them. This will give you more cupboard space, get things off the worktops and make you feel a lot happier about the kitchen. 


Think differently about your kitchen lighting, if you type into Google kitchen lighting, the options that come up are very silver, clean-lined, practical, and like everyone else’s kitchen lighting. Why do they have to be like this? Think outside the box and add some unusual lighting into your kitchen. I have installed these glass pendant lights on ivory rope cables, and a pretty light over the sink area. We have spotlights in the kitchen, but we hardly use them. 

As long as the electrics are in the correct place you can easily change over the pendants and lampshades, or pay an electrician to install new cabling and lights if you’re having a complete swap over of styles. 

Window Dressing 

Swap up the window dressing. Do you have old blinds at the windows that are looking tired or curtains that have seen better days? Simply changing over the window dressing makes a big impact. I have recently used a made-to-order company for my window dressings and I have been very impressed with them. Having them well fitted and hung nicely makes a big difference. 


Shelving Options 

Do you have a wall where you could add some shelving? You could look at open shelving ideas for your kitchen. Creating a pretty space to store kitchen items, displayed nicely creating a practical but pretty storage. This gets items out of cupboards, off the worktops, and then creates more space and less clutter. 

New Sets Of Pots and Storage Items

Freshen up your storage items, looking to bring a shot of colour into the room, or remove the colour? Look at changing over your pots and storage items, like tea and coffee pots. These are usually sat out on display all the time, so changing them up will instantly change the look of the room for you. 

I hope this has helped give you some ideas on updating the kitchen on a budget, and reasurred you even some of the big ideas aren’t too much of a upheaval. 


  1. I love the colour of your kitchen, I would love to do ours but don’t have the money at the moment. We did paint the walls and it has given it a boost though


    What an amazing difference. Your kitchen has come a long way. It looks amazing!!! I really do like your pendant lights.

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