I’ve been a little quiet on the blog over the Easter break, but it’s been nice to have that break with the kids. When you work from home it’s very hard to switch off, so when the kids are on holiday it’s so easy to find yourself ‘catching up’ or getting sucked into emails and work stuff. However, I wanted to give myself a break and not stress about fitting work in as well. 

So I thought I would do a catch-up post to get back into the swing of things! Our Easter break was a strange one, we had two full weeks off before the Easter weekend, I didn’t like it! 

We always go away with our friends over the Easter weekend and have done now for four years in a row, first, we went to Norton Grounds in The Cotswolds and then three years to Barncastle in The Cotswolds. It’s such a beautiful area of the country and we have such a lovely time together. 

But the kids had two full weeks to build up their excitement of the holiday coming and I was exhausted before we had even made it on holiday!! 

We had lots of walks together, met up with friends, chill out days, tasty food and lots of bike riding. So when the holiday came everyone was ready for even more fun!!! 

Holiday In The Cotswolds – Good Friday 

We travelled straight up to our holiday house on Good Friday thinking we would hit quite a lot of traffic as the weather was so beautiful, but it was a great journey and we arrived at Barncastle. It’s such a lovely barn and everyone was so happy to see their friends. 

Then Sofia fell over! The rug that was on the wooden floor slipped from under her when she was coming outside and she fell right out the patio doors. She couldn’t weight bare on her foot. None of my kids has ever broken anything, but Sofia is Hypermobile so we were hoping she just twisted it.

After sitting out in the garden and a couple of hours she was still in a lot of pain and getting upset. So we found the nearest minor injuries until and popped along. However there wasn’t an X-Ray open there, so they said to go to the next biggest hospital the next morning if she couldn’t weight bare again. 


She couldn’t weight bare again!! I was convinced by this point that she had broken something, even just a small one. Everyone was really lovely at the hospital and she was sent for an X-Ray. 

Soft Tissue Damage! 

Ahhhh I was so relieved to hear that! It wasn’t broken! They bandaged her up with some cushioning to help with confidence in weight bareing and we kept her dosed up on painkillers. They gave her some crutches so we could carry on enjoying our holiday! 

As we were on holiday with our friends we left them with Tyler to head out and enjoy their morning and we would meet them at the place we were visiting today. 

Westonbirt Arboretum

Thank goodness they had a wheelchair! Sofia ended up being pushed around Westonbirt but everyone who could manage it, but it meant we all got to be together again! I’m going to write a full post on our visit soon. 

Easter Sunday 

Sofia woke up feeling much better and being able to place some more weight on her foot, which was a relief for us all. So she got to slowly enjoy the Easter Egg hunt around the house! 

Then found the yummiest bunnies!! 

After a chilled morning (we were woke so early!) we headed out to visit a National Trust venue, these are brilliant for an Easter Egg hunt! 

Westbury Court National Trust 

It’s a pretty little garden set in the middle of a town, you wouldn’t know it’s there until Google was helping you out! 

The children enjoy finding the little clues hidden around the garden, building up the letters to create a word. 

Receiving an egg at the end! 

Wenchford Picnic Site and River 

We then headed out near The Wye Valley to find a river to play in. The weather was like summer and I had seen on Family Days Tried and Tested a wonderful looking river that the children could play in. We thought this would be fantastic as the kids can play in the river, we can chill in the sunshine and Sofia can rest if she wants to. 

It was packed!!! This was taken a brief moment near the end when there weren’t any kids in it! 

The children loved it! They spent a good three hours playing here and Sofia was walking through it. I think the cold water helped with the swelling and also she gained the confidence to be able to walk on it. 

We were so lucky with the weather this holiday, I loved seeing everyones photos of them being out and about enjoying the weather. It gave us a little glimpse into what is to come, roll on summer! 

Easter Monday 

Time to go home, every year we get a photo at the front door of Barncastle and this is this year……





I don’t have one at that door as we never stayed there, but here is a group one! 

So cute looking back at the photos of them, they are super friends and it’s lovely to see. 

80th Birthday Celebrations! 

Our day didn’t end there, Kevs Auntie turned 80 today! Wow! She lives in Wiltshire so we did a detour and headed to Wiltshire to visit her. Kev only has his Mum and his Dad’s Sister (Auntie Dian) so it’s lovely for us to be able to get together and she was over the moon to see us. 

We had lunch out together which was very tasty food and then headed back to Kev’s Mums house for a cuppa and present opening! We got her a photo blanket with lots of pictures of us lot as she loves our photos, and she said ‘I won’t ever be lonely now will I!’

Then we drove 1.5hours home to unpack and collect Gus. who was very happy to see me! 

Tuesday and Wednesday 

I was able to extend my holiday even more as Kev had a couple of days off work still! The kids were back to school Tuesday so we made the most of this and the sunny weather! We had a lovely peaceful a walk through the country park to the boatyard and had a fish finger sandwich overlooking the boats. 

So we had a pretty lovely Easter and now it’s back to it all, although it’s a short school term so not too much longer until some more fun is planned! 



  1. Melanie williams Reply

    Minus the injury resulting in a trip to the hospital looks like you had a fab Easter break for sure xx

  2. What a stunning place to stay, I love the Cotswolds. So glad to hear that your little one didn’t break anything – what a nightmare for you though

  3. Wow you’ve definitely had an eventful holiday! Looks like you had an amazing time , minus the injury 🙂


    OMG glad to hear Sofia only had a minor injury and nothing was broken. Sounds like a lovely place to stay otherwise.

  5. Sounds like you had an absolutely love Easter holiday besides the fall – you must be so relieved it was broken and hope she is on the mend

    Laura x

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