Heres a quick Christmas craft that is easy to do and pretty effective! 

Glue Gun Snowflakes 

Christmas is a perfect opportunity to try out some new crafts and create some decorations for the home. So why not give these glue gun snowflakes a go this year. I was super surprised at how effective they were in the end, and you wouldn’t be able to tell from afar that they were made from glue on the tree!

As you can see I didn’t just make snowflakes, I did stars and a Christmas tree too. The ideas are endless! 

I used the Ryobi cordless glue gun to create my shapes. Being cordless it’s so easy to use and not worry about the cables. It also uses the ONE+ battery which powers my drill and lawnmower

Free Printable Templates 

Below you will find some templates for you to create your shapes. These are printed off on A4 paper and create a good size. 


tree and candy cane

snowflake template

Once these are printed off you’re ready to heat up your glue gun. Then place some greaseproof paper over the templates and trace over them with the glue. Make sure you put on a thick amount of glue to create a good thickness of your shape. 

You will notice the little yellow straw…….DO NOT DO THIS! I melted the straw into the glue gun snowflake!!!!!! I thought I could then create a hole to hang the string through, well it just melted the straw into the snowflake instead and won’t come out! 

Instead just thread a needle and thread through the glue gun snowflake once it’s cooled! 

Leave to dry and that’s it, you have your glue gun decorations. 

I have placed them on the tree to show you, but be aware of heat on them. You could hang these on a garland in the home. Or create lots of them and hang them in the window to make a display. 

*I received a Ryobi Glue Gun for the purpose of this review and sharing my design with the #MyRyobiChristmas 




    • There is so many things you can do with them! I didn’t have one when I was younger so it’s great fun now!!

  1. Wow! Can’t wait to get my own glue gun and give them a go.Looks like a lot of work, well done!! Hope you had lots of fun as well making them.

  2. These are amazing! As avid glue gun users at school and loving using it too, all three of ours would really enjoy this activity. It is a little bit more of a “grown up” craft too so a little bit different for them. Yours look great and must have been so much fun to do

    • Yes you could make so many different designs couldn’t you, they could create their own designs to follow as well. Have fun!

  3. Steph you are so creative! Love this project they look so pretty and what an great way to use a glue gun to make some festive decorations 🙂

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